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Your Bellarmine experience is about building lifelong friendships, inside and outside the classroom.



Finding Yourself Here

The education that we offer our students is not limited to what occurs within the four walls of the classroom, between the first bell and final bell of the day.  The development of the whole person, a hallmark of Jesuit education, is only satisfied by helping our students explore their interests and cultivate their talents.  To that end, Bellarmine offers about 100 co-curricular activities which give students the opportunity to grow in understanding of themselves and others, and to have fun!





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Maker Lab

Maker Lab

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We are a diverse community, and our students enjoy sharing their cultural traditions with each other.  Unity with diversity is one of the great strengths of our Jesuit identity.  

Growing Into Leadership

Arrupe Ambassador



Cameron Carey '22

Arrupe Ambassador, Cameron Carey, Cameron Carey '22

Student Body co-Presidents

Chandler Aldana-Taylor ’23, Joshua Darlucio ’23, Nate Escalada ’23

ASB Presidents, ASB

Being open to growth and leadership opportunities is a quality that all students should develop during their four years at Bellarmine.  We recognize that servant leadership requires practice, however.  Therefore, we provide multiple opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills including the following:  

  • Arrupe Ambassadors — A program dedicated to serving the Bellarmine community and developing servant leaders.
  • Associated Student Body (ASB) — The Associated Student Body serves as the formal student government of Bellarmine.
  • Kairos Student Leaders — Student leaders guide discussions and reflection on our four-day retreat for juniors and seniors.
  • Big Brothers — Our Big Brothers help new students with the transition to Bellarmine, making our newest Bells feel comfortable, informed, and connected from day one.

A Bell from Day One

Bellarmine graduates often speak of the life-long friendships that they developed during their time at Bellarmine.  It's not uncommon for these friendships to grow as the result of activities or events that take place outside of the school day.  Participating in campus events is an important part of a student's education at Bellarmine.