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Welcome to AMEN!


Alumni Mothers Extended Network (AMEN) is dedicated to carrying on Bellarmine's tradition of men and women for and with others, and provides a variety of social, spiritual and service activities to mutually benefit its members and the Bellarmine community. We strive to foster the fellowship among women established while your son(s) was a student at Bellarmine. Although we transition from "Bell mom" to "alumni mom" upon our son's graduation(s), AMEN gives us the vehicle to enrich our futures by fostering our Bellarmine friendships in the spirit of camaraderie and service.

AMEN Activities Include

  • Building community with new and old friends in AMEN’s diverse Interest Groups such as Hiking, Community Volunteering, Thirsty Thursdays, Golf and Movie groups
  • Celebrations with the AMEN community through bi-annual events to connect the entire AMEN membership
  • AMEN Retreats
  • Providing mentorship to Bellarmine parents whose sons are navigating the college process
  • Volunteering at local non-profit agencies and organizations
  • Providing helping hands at Bellarmine events
  • Opportunity to serve on the AMEN Board

AMEN Steering Committee

  • Lisa Christensen - Chair

    The Chair oversees and facilitates activities, events and communications with the general AMEN membership, and adheres to the AMEN bylaws and mission statement. She communicates with Bellarmine and the AMEN Advisor. The Chair also oversees and facilitates the AMEN Steering Committee in its monthly meetings and duties, prepares meeting agendas, obtains reports, and promotes consensus.

    Contact: Lisa Christensen

  • Gigi Harvey - Chair-Elect

    The Chair-Elect shadows the Chair for a year, and then becomes Chair the following year. She supports the Chair, helps with communications and collects final reports.

    Contact: Gigi Harvey

  • Advisor

    Vicki Pope

    The Advisor offers historical perspective to the AMEN Steering Committee.

    Contact: Vicki Pope

  • Secretary & Correspondence

    Lenore Grant

    Contact: Lenore Grant

  • Treasurer

    Catherine Agelson

    Serves as resource to AMEN Steering Committee members, liaison between AMEN and BCP Finance, tracks revenue and expenses, prepares budgets and financial documents, reconciles BCP financial reports with treasurer’s records, and provides monthly financial updates to the AMEN Steering Committee.

    Contact: Catherine Agelson

  • Interest Groups

    Bev Bonovich and Donna Gallo

    The Interest Groups Liaison gathers monthly updates from AMEN Interest Groups and communicates this information to the AMEN Steering Committee and AMEN Webmaster.

    Contact: Bev Bonovich and Donna Gallo

  • Communications

    Audrey Redmond and Maria Von Massenhausen

    The communication chair maintains the AMEN website by posting communications, news, events and photos. Will send a monthly email with a link to the AMEN monthly Newsletter. Also works with Bellarmine staff and technology to stay up to date with the BCP community. This is a 2 year position.

    The Communications Chair-Elect will shadow for one year, assisting and training, in preparation for taking over the position as Communications Chair.

    Contact: Audrey Redmond and Maria Von Massenhausen

  • Fall Service Project/Spring Retreat

    Becky Muise, Sylvia Seidel, and Bev Bonovich (advisor)

    Contact: Becky Muise, Sylvia Seidel, and Bev Bonovich (advisor)

  • Membership

    Rhonda Nourse and Liz Page

    The Membership Chair encourages and manages AMEN membership through mailings to new grad moms and past AMEN members, keeps an updated list of members and distributes this list to event chairs as needed.

    Contact: Rhonda Nourse and Liz Page

  • Merchandising

    Sandra McSweeney and Cindy Santos

    Fundraising chairs maintain an inventory of fundraising items and sell them at four school events. They also stock the Campus Store with these items and work closely with the AMEN Treasurer to maintain accounts.

    Contact: Sandra McSweeney and Cindy Santos

  • Fall & Spring Dinner

    Julie Paulsen and Maris Whitney

    The Co-Chairs plan and create invitations, menu, decor and event program for a fall and spring celebration.

    Contact: Julie Paulsen and Maris Whitney

  • Bellarmine Liaison

    Trish Cook

    The BMG Liaison serves as resource and communication liaison between AMEN and the BMG and recruits AMEN moms to assist at specific BMG events.

    Contact: Trish Cook

  • BCP Advisor

    Diane Seadler

    The BCP Advisor is the liaison to Bellarmine College Preparatory.

    Contact: Diane Seadler


AMEN is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of men and women for others, and will provide a variety of social, spiritual and service activities to mutually benefit its members and the Bellarmine community.

Congratulations on being the mother of a Bellarmine alumnus! If you would like to continue your involvement with the Bellarmine family, we invite you to join, or renew your membership with the Alumni Mothers Extended Network (AMEN).

Active Membership

Mothers whose son(s) have attended or graduated from Bellarmine. The Active Membership provides access to Interest Groups, invitations to Amen events, and the ability to participate on the Amen board.

Transitional Membership

Mothers who have an alumni son(s) from Bellarmine, but still have younger son(s) attending the school. The Transitional Membership provides access to Interest Groups and invitations to annual Amen events. Transitional members cannot participate on the Amen board until all sons have graduated from Bellarmine.


For more information about AMEN Membership contact the Membership Chair, Rhonda Nourse and Liz Page

Please join AMEN by clicking HERE!

All mothers of alumni are encouraged to be a part of Amen. The suggested membership fee is $25, however cost should not prohibit anyone to join. Any amount is welcome!

Amen is self-sustaining and supported through membership contributions, the fall and spring dinners, and purchases from our online and pop up store sales. Any money remaining at the end of the school year is given to Bellarmine's Direct Tuition Assistance Fund. Memberships are renewed annually in July, but new members can join anytime throughout the year. Members include moms of sons who have graduated, and moms who have sons who have graduated and have younger sons too. Become a member today to be a part of this amazing group!

Amen Membership

Alumni Mothers Extended Network (AMEN) is dedicated to carrying on Bellarmine's tradition of men and women for others, and provides a variety of social, spiritual and service activities to mutually benefit its members and the Bellarmine community.

Join, or renew your membership!

AMEN Newsletter

AMEN newsletter is available below!

Read the April 2024 Newsletter


Upcoming Events

AMEN Spring Dinner 2024
Join us for a celebratory evening as we reflect on 23 years of AMEN friendships. The event will take place Tuesday, April 23, in the Liccardo Center.


Interest Groups

Some of our Interest Groups will continue to meet during the summer. If you find yourself looking to play pickleball, play some golf, see a movie, visit a new hiking location, etc., Check out the Interest Group page and contact the chair of the group. Happy Summer!


Amen provides Bellarmine-themed novelty items for sale online and at select events throughout the year. You may order any of these items by completing the online order form below. If you have any questions, please contact: Sandra McSweeney or Cindy Santos

Tax included in merchandise price.




Bellarmine Yeti Rambler Tumbler
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AMEN, AMEN Merchandise

Bellarmine 'Block B' engraved Spirit bracelets with royal and white bands in size Medium
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AMEN, AMEN Merchandise

Sterling Silver Charm'n Chain bracelet with round disk and Bellarmine logo crest engraving
1 Bracelet for $65


AMEN Necklace

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Heat it up with the new Bellarmine oven mitt. The mitt has a soft cotton terry cloth interior and a silver heat-resistant material on the backside.
1 Mitt for $20, 2 Mitts for $30

Bellarmine Campfire Mug 16oz

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AMEN, AMEN Merchandise, AMEN Wine Glass

Bellarmine Stemless Wine Glasses
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AMEN, AMEN Merchandise, AMEN Burlap Tote

AMEN Burlap Tote


AMEN has many Interest Groups for its registered members. There are no additional fees associated to participate in these groups unless the group has a cost associated for an event, which would be stated.

An overview of each Interest Groups is provided below. Some Interest Groups are at maximum capacity while others are open to as many members that want to join. If you have questions about a group, please contact our Interest Group Chairs, Bev Bonovich & Donna Gallo. Bev or Donna can answer your questions regarding the Interest Groups, as well as assist you in creating a new Interest Group.

Please note, the Interest Groups are described pre-COVID-19 conditions. The links will give you an idea of what AMEN’s Interest Group offer.

Interest Groups

  • Baking Group

    Bakers and non-bakers alike are welcome! The group meets on a Saturday afternoon at a member's home to bake, try out different recipes, enjoy a variety of yummy baked goods with coffee or tea, and share a few good laughs! The Baking Group meets once a month during the school year (no summer meetings). 

    Contact: Donna Gallo and Bev Bonovich

  • Book Group

    AMEN currently has five active book clubs. AMEN accepts new names to create new book groups. If you are interested in joining a book club submit your name to AMEN’s Interest Group Chair, Bev Bonovich, to have your name be placed on a list for a new book club.

    Bell Book Babes
    Contact: Heidi Burke

    Book Club
    Contact: Abby Perr Baker

    Contact: Bev Bonovich

  • College Mentoring Moms

    This group provides support to current Bellarmine moms as they navigate the college process with their sons. No applications or essays for us - simply share your insights into a college your child (son or daughter) is attending or has attended ... favorite restaurants, hotels near the college, places to shop for dorm gear, your perspective on meal plans etc. You will be a reassuring voice to a nervous mom.

    Email the following information to Susan if you are willing to be a college mentor mom.

    • Name
    • Child(s) year(s) of graduation - can be a son or a daughter
    • College(s) I know well
    • Email
    • Phone


    Contact: Susan Munne

  • Community Volunteering Opportunities

    If you are involved with a charitable organization which is in need of hands-on volunteers, whether it be a long- or short-term commitment, we are happy to spread the word to our AMEN community. Just send your name and email address (as the sponsoring AMEN member) and a short description of the opportunity to the contact listed below.

    We also offer assistance such as meals to Bellarmine families in need, just as the BMG Helping Hands group does.  Sign up to receive emails about these opportunities.

    This group is open to all Bellarmine alumni moms, regardless of their AMEN membership status.

    Contact: Linda Chin

  • Events Group

    The Events Group has 4-5 different events throughout the academic calendar year. These events change annually and vary from sport activities, theater productions, concerts, game nights, winery visits, etc.

    Contact: Kathy Armistead

  • Gardening Group

    The Gardening Group meets five times a year for a variety of outdoor activities. In the past we have attended garden tours, planting events, floral design classes, farm visits, vegetable workshops, and a garden party. The group mixes up their events to be hands-on as well as tours of gardens.

    Contact: Teresa Giovanzana and Lisa Christensen

  • Globelles Group

    A geography and travel discussion group, which meets three times a year to discuss their travels, new travel locations around the world, tips for travelers, and travel advise and support to the other members.

    Contact: TBD

  • Golf Group

    AMEN Golf Group Logo

    The Golf group meets the first Wednesday of each month. Currently they play 9 holes but are willing to schedule 18 hole rounds if requested. Contact Catherine Christofferson to join the AMEN golf group.

    Contact: Catherine Christofferson

  • Gourmet Cooking Group

    AMEN currently has four Gourmet Cooking Groups. Each group includes 16 women who meet seven times a year at a member’s home to enjoy themed lunches prepared by a cooking team of four members. The group share recipes, great food and wine, fantastic conversations, a lot of laughs, and a strong group of friendship. If you would like to join a Gourmet Cooking Group please contact AMEN’s Interest Groups Chair, Kathy Armistead, to have your name put on a list for a new group.

    Contact: Teresa Giovanzana and Linda Chin

  • Hiking Group

    The hiking group meets weekly on Mondays throughout the year at a variety of open space parks in Santa Clara County, such as Almaden Quicksilver, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Santa Teresa County Park, Fremont Older, and San Antonio Regional Park.

    Please be sure to wear a hat, sunscreen and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Layered clothing is a good approach, particularly in the winter months. 

    Contact: Teresa Giovanzana

  • Knitting Group

    We are a small, but lively group of seven women who never seem to get very far in their individual projects. We meet twice a month for two hours - the first and third Wednesdays of the month - at the San Jose home of a Bellarmine alum mother. This chatty group shares their life’s stories and experiences over purl stitches, tea and cookies, and much laughter. Topics from A to Z pop up in our conversations - from politics to religion, marriage and weddings, the joy of grandchildren being born and the sorrow of saying a final good-bye to parents and friends. Advice and sage wisdom is freely shared, and our motto is “What’s discussed at knitting, stays at knitting!”. You are welcome to join whatever your skill level and even if you only crochet!

    Contact: Kathy Pompili

  • Movie Group

    We offer a daytime movie interest group for all movie lovers. Attendance is voluntary. Monthly movies are announced via email by Pat - when you see a scheduled movie you want to see on a date you are free, simply email the group coordinator and let her know you will attend. You may sign up to receive the movie announcements by emailing Pat directly.


    Daytime Movie Group
    Contact: Pat Gray

    Nighttime Movie Group
    Contact: Jen Deal

  • Needlepoint Group

    This is a new group. If you have any interest, please contact Maria von Massenhausen for more information.

    Contact: Maria von Massenhausen

  • Pickleball

    Experts and beginners welcome! AMEN's Pickleball group everyone is welcome to join the fun. This Interest Group will meet twice a month, the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 3:30 - 5:30.

    For more information and to sign up, contact: TBD

  • Spirituality Group

    Women at the Well: Ignatian Spirituality for Mothers - Meets weekly from 8:00 - 9:30 am at Santa Clara University in the St. Francis Chapel. The group will spend 6-8 weeks on one particular topic or practice, range from book discussions, scripture study, meditation, the Examen, The Spiritual Exercises, as well as other prayer practices. The group will take quarterly field trips to sacred spaces around the Bay Area.

    Contacts: Sarah Bonini

  • Supper Group

    The focus of the Supper Club is on the art of delicious food!  Be it comfort or exotic, the group visits a variety of restaurants to taste, experience, and discuss.  Each dining event is coordinated with the restaurant to have a planned delicious menu paired with wine.  Each event has a predetermined fee.

    Contact: TBD