Immersion Program

Bellarmine's immersion program reflects the important principle that “Jesuit education is world affirming”.

Immersion Program 2023

Bellarmine's immersion program reflects the important principle that “Jesuit education is world affirming”. Our program embraces the Ignatian cornerstones of faith and justice as inspired by the Gospel call to love and serve our neighbor, especially the poor and marginalized. Our goal—to form men and women for others who will dedicate their lives to living according to this pattern of service as inaugurated by Jesus Christ.

Immersion into the culture and daily reality of those living in other countries, or in other areas of the U.S., offers unique learning opportunities to the members of our Bellarmine community. It is through our contact with other people, in other cultures, that we can better prepare our students, and members of our community, to be “a new kind of person in a new kind of society1”. Through the immersion experience, a world in which each individual has the opportunity to be fully human and accepts the responsibility of promoting human development in others becomes possible.

The nature of immersion is transformative; we can enter into the daily reality of “the other” in such a deeply personal way so as to be changed by the experience. In the spirit of Ignatius, the immersion experience provides greater opportunity for this lived experience to not only be internalized but formalized into action that results in a more peaceful, more just, and more loving world.

Go Forth and Teach, The Characteristics of Jesuit Education

Immersion Program Information

  • Immersion Information Night- September 7 at 7PM – Andrade Theatre – For Parents and Students in 10-12th grade
  • Immersion Application - will be available on September 2 on Blue
  • Immersion Application due dates: September 17 and December 10 (11:59pm)


Immersion Trips

  • Fall & Winter

    Application Deadline - September 17 (Sunday 11:59PM)

    • Rural Plunge, Salinas, CA | Oct. 13-15 | $125 | Grades: 11 & 12


    • Teach-In (IFTI) | Oct. 28-30 | $1000 | Grades: 11 & 12
  • Spring & Summer

    Application Deadline – December 10 (Sunday 11:59PM)

    • L.A. Urban Plunge | April 1-5 | $500 | Grades: 11 & 12


    • Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, AZ | Spring Break 4/1-4/5 | $1100 | Grades: 10, 11,12


    • Tijuana – Amor Ministries | Spring Break 3/30-4/2 | $950 | Grades: 10, 11, 12


    • Atlanta/Alabama (7 days) | May 28-June 2 | $1800 | Grades: Rising 11 & 12


    • Spring Teach-In | Dates TBD | $50 | Grades: 11 & 12


    **To help with summer planning, the South America trips usually depart Memorial Day weekend and are expected to last 10 days.

    • El Salvador (10 days) | May 25 - June 4 | $2,000 | Grades: Rising 11 & 12
    • Guatemala (10 days) | May 28- June 5 | $2,000 | Grades: Rising 11 & 12
    • Ecuador (10 days) | May 31- June 10 | $2,000 | Grades: Rising 11 & 12
Immersion Program, 2023-2024, LA Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge Los Angeles: The Dolores Mission Immersion Program provides high school and university students the opportunity to grow in solidarity and relationship with the men and women of Dolores Mission. Our Jesuit mission strives to plant the seeds for future generations of Catholics thirsting to walk with the poor and suffering, serving men and women for and with others for the greater glory of God. Our prayer is this experience will broaden your students’ understanding of the world and change their lives through the people they meet, stories they hear and experiences throughout their stay. We also pray that by walking in kinship with our community, they will see the face of God in every person they meet.


Immersion Program, 2023-2024, Rural Plunge Salinas, CA

Rural Plunge - Salinas: The rural plunge takes students to Salinas for serval days, where they will come to understand the struggles faced by migrant farm workers by working alongside them and allowing them to learn about the injustices and human rights issues present in our food production and distribution system.


Immersion Program, 2023-2024, Kino Border Initiative 

Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, AZ: Students will come to understand the reality of immigration and deportation at the US-Mexican border. Students serve and visit with deported individuals. Students will walk the desert and learn about the legal process that leads to deportation. The trip provides an opportunity for students to walk with their brothers and sisters struggling at the border and come to understand their stories.


Immersion Program, 2023-2024, Tijuana

Tijuana - Spring: During Easter/Spring break, mostly junior and senior students, along with parent volunteers, travel into Tijuana to literally build a foundation for the future for four to five families living in Tijuana. During the building of each house, family members may very well be working side-by-side with the students as they build the house.


Immersion Program, 2023-2024, Alabama

Atlanta-Montgomery Immersion: Truth & Reconciliation Immersion; Civil Rights Trail Immersion) Where does racial justice in America begin? How can healing and reconciliation be an integral part of our future together? What is my responsibility in that pursuit? These are just some of the overarching questions that will guide this trip. The work of reconciliation is closely connected to justice, and both of these are part and parcel of a Catholic, Jesuit education. This trip to Atlanta and Montgomery will focus on the legacy of slavery – sometimes referred to as America’s Original Sin – it’s dehumanizing consequences and those people who, despite long odds, demonstrated the courage to face the truth of our story and call us to live up to the best of who we can be. Guided by the voices of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, James Cone, Bryan Stevenson and others, this trip will break your heart and amaze you! Please join us on this journey to truth and reconciliation.


Thank you to our 100+ guests who came to our Immersion Info Night! For those who were not able to attend our Immersion Info Night, please refer to the recording to get more information about our trips this year and hear some great testimonials from our students who went on Immersion last year. In addition, we have our very own Mr. Desumala ‘02 sharing his experience as an alumni and staff at Bellarmine. Thank you for watching the recording and we look forward to having you sign-up for Immersion this year. GO BELLS!!!

Immersion Info Night 2023

Immersion Trips

Our program offers several different types of immersion experiences. While every immersion provides opportunities to learn about the daily living reality of people in other cultures and to witness different ways to be in the world today, each type of immersion trip has a unique focus and main purpose...


The purpose of our solidarity immersion trips is for students to develop an understanding of the daily reality of the poor and the context within which their poverty is rooted. With service to and direct experience with the poor, we can act to redress the causes of their poverty. It is hoped that students are called to a long-term response based on compassion, concern, and genuine caring for those with whom we regularly visit.


Service immersion trips focus on specific work and service projects to benefit the poor. These immersion experiences raise to mind questions about the many structures that perpetuate the conditions of marginalization and suffering by others, especially the poor. Through them, however, the seeds of concern and compassion are sown, giving rise to a greater understanding of our responsibility to bring about change.

South Africa Immersion 2018