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A Jesuit Education Focused on Faith, Justice, and Truth

We shape boys into the men God has called them to be. We work with students to cultivate their gifts and talents, and ultimately to put those talents at the service of others—to be "Men for and with Others."


Learning with passion, living with purpose

We "get" boys, what they need, and how they thrive. 

  • We see how boys navigate their way through the different stages of development, and use that insight to engage, counsel, mentor, and teach them.
  • We teach boys the way they learn best, using specific strategies that align with their unique needs and motivation.
  • We encourage healthy, fun competition—with the understanding that we are all learning—to discuss, to question, and to challenge.
  • We provide the freedom to take risks, try new things, and make mistakes that foster resiliency.
  • We offer a safe place to build concentration, confidence, and character.

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Fr. Cobb Golf Classic, Fr. Cobb Golf Classic 2021

Community Within & Beyond Our Campus

Bellarmine College Preparatory is a community of education and faith. We are inspired by the mission of Catholic education, the academic tradition of Jesuit schools, the Ignatian spiritual charism, and Jesus’ call to love and serve others in justice, peace, and joy.

Unity in Diversity


Diverse Heritage


Diverse Beliefs


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Unity in Diversity 

We cherish our diversity as one of our greatest assets.  We benefit from being in the heart of Silicon Valley and all of the diversity that is present here.  The atmosphere of Bellarmine is one of acceptance and inclusion, where students rejoice in being able to learn from one another and the diversity of culture, beliefs, and interests.