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Campus Events

Bellarmine students have a tremendous number of events in which they can participate to make new friends and have fun!  Events are spread throughout the year to ensure that there are plenty of fun things to do.

Socializing 101

We kick off the school year with the Party in the Quad! This very popular event on the first Friday of the new school year features food trucks, bouncy houses, a rock climbing wall, music, ping pong, and much more.  This is a particularly great, low-key way for our newest Bells to meet other new Bells, but returning students also enjoy the opportunity to just hang out with their friends. And as is the case with the vast majority of our events, girls from local schools are invited.


Mixers (i.e., think dancing + socialization, dates optional), date dances, and junior prom/senior ball are tradition at Bellarmine, and are held at various times throughout the school year.  Our Junior Prom and Senior Ball are held in the spring, with faculty serving as wait staff for students and their guests. It's an unexpected reversal of relationship that everyone looks forward to!                                                                                 LEARN MORE +

Sports Games

With 13 sports and three club sports, there is never a shortage of games to attend—nor cheering to be done. The epitome of school spirit comes in the fall, in the week leading up to the football game against West Catholic Athletic League rival, St. Francis. Class competitions, dunk tanks, and belly flop contests lead up to our Night Rally, which is a fun way for the student body (and girls who are supporters of the team) to get fired up for the big game!   

Celebrating our Diversity

Students involved in our cultural affinity clubs take part in one of several "Diversity Weeks" held throughout the school year. Serving traditional food at lunchtime in the quad or playing a traditional game are welcome additions to the school day.   

The school also puts together a number of cultural celebrations throughout the year. Usually held on weekends, these events provide great opportunities for students and their families to come together for an afternoon or evening of good food and fun, while learning about a new culture or observing a family tradition. Our springtime Cultural Faire, which takes place on a Friday afternoon, is open to friends and families as a great way to celebrate our diversity by sharing traditional food, music, and dance.


Enjoy a good performance? Students can choose from improv, theatre, and music performances to attend.

And just for fun ...

We work with Furry Friends to bring therapy dogs onto campus once or twice a year.  They do certainly serve the purpose of decreasing stress, but for our students, they are just plain fun!