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Greetings from Bellarmine Summer Days!

Over the past several years our summer programming has expanded to include academic, athletic, and enrichment offerings that are second to none with regard to innovation and opportunity.  Courses like money management and investing, woodworking, entrepreneurship, and service-learning directly align with our vision to provide experiences that are typically unavailable during the regular school year.  These experiences address important trends by giving students and campers a chance to unplug, create, manage projects, collaborate, explore, and push themselves to improve in a nurturing environment.  We are blessed with talented instructors and coaches at all levels, each passionate about educating young people under the guidance of the Bellarmine College Preparatory mission. With excellent  facilities and a commitment to smaller class sizes, we offer the best summer experience for all ages in the bay area. Below are a few highlights from our Summer 2023 offerings.  Our faculty and staff are excited to serve your child’s interests and needs this summer through all these and more exciting offerings. Please reach out if you have any questions,  sign up for our mailing list here, and be sure to check the offerings page regularly for details and updates.  

Chris Cozort
Director of Bellarmine Summer Programs

Summer 2024 Dates

  • February 1: Preliminary catalog available.
  • February 5: Registration Opens in the evening; core catalog courses available
  • June 1: Last day for course refund requests.
  • June 11: First day of Bellarmine Summer Programming.
  • June 19: Holiday.
  • July 4 and 5: Holiday.
  • July 19: Last day of Bellarmine Summer Programming.

1st-5th Graders: We offer a variety of activities from 7am to 3pm

  • All day camp opportunities
  • Intro to Sports
  • Art Exploration
  • Lego Robotics
  • Lego STEAM


6th-8th Graders: We offer the most diverse and enriching middle school offerings in the area

  • Robotics in our World Championship Robotics lab
  • Math Courses from Pre-Algebra Prep to Algebra 2
  • Maker Lab
  • English Courses including Writing and Grammar


9th-12th Graders: For our high school level courses, we continue to offer many options for preview or remediation, including first and second semesters of many academic courses.

  • Geometry
  • Algebra 1 and 2
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus
  • Bell Prep: Incoming Bell Frosh 
  • Money Management & Investing 
  • Robotics
  • Athletic Camps
  • Computer Science Courses


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the drop-off and pick-up policies?

    We ask that students be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their first period, and be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their last period. Our youth campers can be escorted into back by a parent, but older students should be dropped off in the Hedding or Emory parking lots. For more information regarding drop-off and pick-up, please consult the newsletter and campus map. 

  • Can a student stay on campus if they do not have a class?

    Zones of supervision and class/camp attendance are important components of our overall student safety planning.  Students should be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of class and should not be dropped off more than 15 minutes prior to class. Additionally, students taking multiple courses should have scheduled classes back-to-back and should not have a gap in their schedule. If has a gap in their schedule or is on campus unsupervised for more than 15 minutes, we will contact you discuss their schedule and to come pick them up.  If you have any questions about this or other summer items, please contact us at

  • Can I schedule a free period for my child between classes/camps?

    In an effort to keep all students safe and supervised, we cannot allow gaps in their schedules. Please ensure that your class and/or camp selections are in adjacent periods.

  • Can I escort my student onto campus or remain on campus?

    With the safety of our campers in mind, Bellarmine is a closed campus. Thus, no adults will be allowed on campus without prior approval and a guest badge from the Matthewson office prior to entry. 

    We will have staff at drop-off points and around campus to assist students in finding classes and answering questions about schedules. Our youth campers can be escorted into back by one parent, but older students should be dropped off in the Hedding or Emory parking lots.

  • When can I register for Summer Programs?

    Registration for Bellarmine's Summer Programs opens February 15. Sign up for our mailing list to receive the most up-to-date information. 

    [Sign up for mailing list here]

  • How many classes can a student miss?

    For those courses bearing 10 credits, students may not miss more than one day of class, or up to 4 hours of course time.  Missing more than one day will result in a loss of credit.

    For those courses bearing 5 credits, students may not miss more than one day of class for a three week, one semester course, or three days for a six week course.

    For those courses that do not bear credit, students may miss class as needed, but any planned absences should be communicated to the Summer Programs Office at

  • What happens if my child cannot attend his/her class?

    If a student is absent, parents should call the attendance line at (408) 537-9477.  In the event that it is needful, students should communicate directly with their instructors to coordinate accommodations. While teachers will assign make-up work or alternative assignments at their discretion, we will do our best to support your child's learning outside of the classroom.  Note that credit bearing courses have a minimum number of days required to receive credit.

  • Where can I explore summer offerings?

    You can view our Summer Programs Catalog on our Explore Offerings page. You can filter the catalog to fine-tune the available offerings based upon the age(s) of your child(ren), subject matter, week, time of day and duration. The catalog is available now!

  • How can I request a transcript?

    Please complete the transcript request form linked here. Processing requests can take between one to two weeks depending on the number of active requests.

  • Do you offer camps or classes for girls?

    Yes! Bellarmine Summer Programs is a co-education experience. We offer classes and camps for girls and boys from grades 1-12.

  • Can my child purchase snacks/lunch on campus?

    Our cafeteria in Liccardo Center is open from 7:30 am - 1:30 pm. Menus and information regarding a prepaid lunch program will be released in early June.

  • What is your refund policy?

    All refund requests must be delivered in writing or via e-mail. Contact the Bellarmine Summer Program Office at

    For registrations finalized on or before June 1

    • Ten percent of course/camp payments function as a non-refundable deposit and will be held as a processing fee in the case of refund requests.
    • No refunds for registrations completed within this time frame will be processed after June 1, 2022.

    For registrations finalized after June 1

    • After June 1st, refunds will only be processed in the case that a request is made within 72 hours of initial payment.
    • Ten percent of course/camp payments function as a non-refundable deposit and will be held as a processing fee in the case of refund requests.
  • What is the difference between 'academic' and 'enrichment'?

    Academic courses tend to be three to six weeks in length, and can usually be characterized by the fact that they are credit-bearing and tend to be more traditionally rigorous. Some classes categorized as academic are oriented around a subject for the purpose of preview or skill building.  Many of our high school academic courses are UC approved, and constitute one, or in some cases, two semesters of credit. Accelerated Chemistry and Algebra 2 are examples of such classes.

    Enrichment courses and camps tend to be less than six weeks in length, and are more exploratory in nature. While enrichment courses are not credit-bearing, they often will provide a foundation for academic success and intellectual exploration through projects, performances, and competitions.  Intro to Guitar, Improv, or Exploring STEM camps are all examples of enrichment courses.

  • Why does the same camp have different prices during different weeks?

    Some weeks during the summer session are shorter than others. For this reason we pro-rate the pricing of all one-week camps. A 4-day camp costs 4/5ths the full 5-day pricing. Meal plans are also pro-rated for shorter camps.

  • Do you offer a wait list?

    No, Bellarmine summer programs does not offer a wait list for courses.

  • Are you offering a shuttle to CalTrain?

    We do not run shuttles to the CalTrain station during the summer.

  • Is there a traffic flow map I can see?

    You can find that here: Summer Drop Off and Parking