Carillon Yearbook


Bellarmine is extraordinarily proud of its award-winning yearbook, the Carillon. With access to state-of-the-art technology, the staff works diligently throughout the year to compile a yearbook, which is consistently recognized at both the state and national level.

A single edition of a journalistically-sound yearbook serves many purposes. It is a picture book, a history book, a record book, a reference book, a public relations tool, and an educational experience. It is with this understanding that the editors and staff undertake their task to accurately capture the entirety of one school year.

Each summer, Bellarmine student-editors create the concept that will serve as the basis for chronicling and archiving the events of the upcoming school year. The lens they choose will be the defining way that current students and alumni will remember Bellarmine in the future. The staff of approximately forty members collaborates on copy, design, and photography from August through June, helping the editors put all the necessary parts together to represent each school event, from those in the classroom to those on the playing field.

A quick glance through the Carillon transports its readers to the time it represents, evoking all of the memories and emotions experienced during that year. The Carillon serves as a marker of Bellarmine’s history.

The Bell Online

The Bell, an online publication whose content is maintained and updated by students at Bellarmine College Preparatory, is a designated public forum for student expression and the discussion of school-related issues of concern to its readership. It supersedes The Cardinal which was the printed newspaper for many decades.  Content is determined by student editors in consultation with the advisers and the administration. The Bell Online strives to uphold the highest standards of student journalism by accurately reporting on all aspects of life on Bellarmine’s diverse campus. The Bell Online is open to all students interested in developing as journalists and photographers. In addition, students with an eye for design and a knack for creativity are always encouraged to join our team.

The Bell Online is excited to continue our mission to tell our collective stories: for Bells, by Bells, GO BELLS!

Bellarmine Creative Studios

In simple terms, Bellarmine Creative Studios (BCS) is the video production club on campus. As society increasingly moves toward visual communication, BCS works to bridge the gap between seeing and understanding, taking and giving. The student-run organization allows members to engage with the larger school community by planning, creating, and executing projects ranging from hype videos for upcoming sporting events, exploratory mini-documentaries connected to the annual Justice Summit, comedic sketches, and promotional pieces that allow them to contemplate broader lessons woven inside endeavors like Bellarmine's Founders Day of Giving.  

While learning and practicing the organizational skills required in pre-production, the adaptability and teamwork necessary for physical production, and the dedication and meticulousness of post-production, BCS moderators work to help its members grow from passive consumers to creative and literate participants in the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and information across the cinematic medium. 

BCS is always looking to grow, in quality and depth, as well as numbers. Whether you're drawn to visual media with a keen, diligent interest in how it creatively and skillfully is shaped from "need" to "concept" to "communication" or you simply have the passion to learn more about the medium, we'd love you to consider joining our team.

You can check out BCS's remarkable work on Bellarmine's YouTube Channel, as well as on this website (see the Student Life and Campus Ministry Prayer & Reflection pages).


KBCP is Bellarmine's radio station. It's a pretty small operation, but we did receive national recognition for our 2016 election coverage! Students broadcast their shows, which range from music to talk radio to sports, from our studio on the third floor of the Sobrato Center. If you've got an idea and time, we've got the space. If you're near campus, you can tune in at AM 1650, or you can listen online.