Prayer & Reflection

Reflection for us must always start from experience."

~ Pope Francis

Prayer and reflection are important in the life of our school. The founder of the Jesuit order, St. Ignatius, emphasized the importance of prayer as a means of recognizing God's footprint in our personal experiences. As a Jesuit school, we carry out that practice so that we might learn what is truly good for us, i.e., what increases our faith, hope, and love.

Each morning begins with a prayer for the entire community, led by a student, faculty, or staff member. Teachers are strongly encouraged to begin each class with a prayer. The community takes five minutes during homeroom to pray The Examen of Consciousness, based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, in order for all to become more aware of God's loving presence.  

Habits of thoughtful reflection are reinforced by The Examen.  The practice encompasses moments of:

  • stillness - allowing us to become aware of God's presence
  • gratitude - reviewing the week in the spirit of gratitude for God's blessings
  • awareness - recalling moments of the week which stand out to you
  • reflection - choosing the strongest emotion in those moments and reviewing what was said, done, or felt 
  • hopefulness - looking forward to the next steps in God's plan.