Freshman Requirements


Tutoring / Coaching / After-School Day Care:
Students engage in a variety of activities working with elementary school children (K-8). Service may include providing individual or small group assistance, tutoring in basic subjects, assisting with sports or crafts activities, or working in a homework clinic or in the school’s day care program. Some schools provide opportunities for the students to assist in a computer lab. This service must be completed through ANY elementary school, public library or an approved agency. Baby sitting or tutoring a neighbor’s child will not fulfill Bellarmine’s CSP requirement.

Working with Environmental Organizations:

For the 2021-2022 school year, freshmen can work with environmental organizations, non-profits focused on environmental justice and care of our common home.

Hours & Deadlines

Freshmen must complete 15 hours of service between August 13, 2021, and March 31, 2022. Half of those hours, i.e., 7.5 hours, are to be turned in by December 8, 2021. All of these hours must be completed at an approved agency in direct service with younger children or with an environmental organization. Students who neglect to complete and submit half of their service requirement on time in December will earn a JUG. Students who do not complete the entire service requirement by the Spring deadline will receive a Saturday JUG and may be placed on probation.


CSP hours must be verified before they will be approved. This verification can take place electronically or via a CSP time card.

Electronic Verification will be accepted if the agency is on the CSP approved list of agencies or if the supervisor has a .org, .gov, or .edu e-mail address (e.g.,,, or Please do the following:

  • Make sure the supervisor and/or agency agrees to verify your hours electronically.
  • Tell the supervisor that you will log hours into x2VOL on the day of your service and that they will receive an e-mail from x2VOL. Make sure to get the supervisor's e-mail address.
  • When you log your hours into x2VOL, make sure to enter the supervisor’s e-mail address.
  • Ask the supervisor to reply to the x2VOL query within 24 hours.
  • A maximum of 10 hours of service credit can be received in a single day.
  • If all of the above steps are followed, you will not need to submit a CSP time card.

CSP Time Cards must be completed in INK and signed off by an adult supervisor at the agency who is not related to the Bellarmine student. Students are asked to use the yellow time cards to confirm these hours. Extra time cards may be picked up in the CSP office or downloaded online. If a student does not have a CSP time card, he may ask the supervisor at the agency to give him a letter on agency letterhead or he may make a copy of their sign-in sheet. NOTE: A maximum of 10 hours of service credit can be received in a single day.