Dads' Club Board

    The Dads' Club Board of Directors comprises 40-plus Bellarmine dads, approximately 10 per class year, who do a fantastic job of leading the wide variety of Dads’ Club events, programs, and volunteer opportunities. 

    Given the responsibilities of the Board, the ask of Board members is to serve a four-year commitment, beginning when a son is an incoming freshman. We welcome both new and current dads with incoming freshman to apply to be a Board Member. Some exceptions are made for dads of sophomores who may have future incoming freshman.

    The expectation of Board members in their first year or two is that they be active in shadowing current activity chairmen, and volunteering or participating in many of the activities we manage. As both they and their sons matriculate through Bellarmine, Board members are then asked to continue their participation and also become chairmen themselves and/or join the Executive Committee, made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chairman.

    The Board meets monthly (typically the first Tuesday evening of the month) during the school year to facilitate our current work, develop future plans, learn from Bellarmine faculty and staff speakers, and build the camaraderie among our team. Board members are expected to attend all meetings, although we recognize personal and professional scheduling conflicts.

    If you have an incoming freshman and are interested in applying to this incredible team, we please reach out to our Membership Chairman, Josh Brouillette:

    Applications are taken beginning in late March for the following year. The application deadline is in mid-May. New Board members are announced in June.
    • President: Jon Cervino
    • Vice President: Pat Crema '88
    • Secretary:  Marc Kocher
    • Treasurer: Chang So
    • Membership Committee Chair Person: Josh Brouillette
    • Moderator: Brian Christensen, Director, Annual Giving
    • Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Ralph Metts, S.J. 
    • Mike Agueros
    • Tim Balistreri
    • Scott Brunello
    • Josh Brouillette
    • Arnold Brown
    • Brian Brown
    • Joe Carroll '85
    • Jon Cervino
    • Gene Cook
    • Pat Crema '88
    • Brian Donahue '96
    • Mike Donahue '92
    • Alex Esteverena '86
    • Timothy Fox '90
    • Sunil Frida
    • Joe Guttadauro '80
    • James (Jimmy) Hanson
    • Shawn Hammett '91
    • Michael Heath
    • Marc Kocher
    • Scott Lantz
    • Dave Lissner
    • Paul McGuire
    • Chris Mossuto
    • Paul Normandin '85
    • Rodger O'Brien '86
    • Eric Olsen
    • Louis Piro
    • Michael Ponce '90
    • Bill Rainey
    • Bill Raynak
    • Brendan Ryan
    • Mark Scadina
    • Chang So
    • Nicholas Tcharos
    • J.D. Testa '93
    • John Turner
    • Ashish Warty
    • Tom Wilcox '85
    • Dan Williams '90