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The Dads' Club Board of Directors comprises 40-plus Bellarmine dads, approximately 10 per class year, who do a fantastic job of leading the wide variety of Dads’ Club events, programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Given the responsibilities of the Board, the ask of Board members is to serve a four-year commitment, beginning when a son is an incoming freshman. We welcome both new and current dads with incoming freshman to apply to be a Board Member. Some exceptions are made for dads of sophomores who may have future incoming freshman.

The expectation of Board members in their first year or two is that they be active in shadowing current activity chairmen, and volunteering or participating in many of the activities we manage. As both they and their sons matriculate through Bellarmine, Board members are then asked to continue their participation and also become chairmen themselves and/or join the Executive Committee, made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Marketing Chair.

The Board meets monthly (typically the first Monday evening of the month) during the school year to facilitate our current work, develop future plans, learn from Bellarmine faculty and staff speakers, and build the camaraderie among our team. Board members are expected to attend all meetings, although we recognize personal and professional scheduling conflicts.

If you have an incoming freshman and are interested in applying to this incredible team, please complete a Dad's Club Board Application and email to 2023-2024 Board Vice President, John Bucks. Your questions are also welcome.

Board applications for the 2024-2025 academic year should be submitted after April 1st, 2024, and submission deadline is June 30th , 2024.

    • President: Kyle Coulter
    • Vice President: John Bucks
    • Secretary: Adam Clouse
    • Treasurer: Chris Mossuto
    • Marketing Chair: Brian Zacharias
    • Moderator: Brian Christensen, Director, Annual Giving
    • Spiritual Advisor:TBD
    • Larry Aguerria
    • Mike Agostino '86
    • Bob Badagliacco '89
    • Josh Baird '93
    • Brian Berliner
    • Paul Borrelli '87
    • Brian Brown
    • Mark Brown
    • Rick Buellesbach
    • Joe Carcione '85
    • Brian Donahue '96
    • Bryan Dombrowsky
    • Dave Duarte
    • Ross Fernandes
    • Terence Fox
    • Mark Imelli '92
    • Brent Jensen
    • Chris Kelly
    • Chris Laine
    • Scott Lantz
    • Mike Maffeo
    • Richard McDonnell
    • Sebastian Mejias '96
    • Paul Meyer
    • Scott Olsen '88
    • Ray Razavi
    • Jeff Rogers
    • Mark Salcedo '86
    • Will Saso '96
    • David Smearden '84
    • Jonathan Smith
    • Rocco Souza
    • Scott Stafford
    • Michel Szarindar
    • Mike Tejero
    • Rajendra Thirumurthi
    • Mark Waterbury
    • Ed Wells
    • Evan White
    • Ed Zschau '82