Visual and Performing Arts


Our department of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) fulfills a long-standing tradition of arts in Jesuit education. Probably more than any other form of expression, the arts are cross-cultural and transcend all social and economic barriers. We believe that education in the arts is an invaluable tool in building multicultural understanding and self-esteem. By nurturing creativity in young people, the Visual and Performing Arts Department is helping them develop skills and learn methods and techniques they can use throughout their lives.

Students will have the opportunity to explore art through exhibits, performance, workshops, guest lectures, community events, and classes. Active participation in the arts allows each student to develop a unique perspective and experience of the human condition. The department emphasizes personal growth while encouraging students to work both creatively and analytically. Students will be challenged creatively by abstract problem-solving tasks and will acquire and develop various skills and techniques in the process.

Students are required to complete three semesters of VPA coursework, including two semesters of the same discipline of art.


Students must complete a level 1 and level 2 course in the same discipline before moving on to a level 3 course in the same discipline or a level 1 course in a new discipline.