The Math Curriculum Course Map (below) illustrates the sequencing of course offerings. The math core consists of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Completion of the core, or its equivalent, is required before a student is allowed to enroll in advanced electives. There are regular and honors/AP sections of almost every course (e.g. Geometry and Geometry Honors).

Three full years of math are required for graduation, but four is highly recommended.

Program Offerings


Curriculum Course Map



Possible Pathways



The purpose of offering Accelerated, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses is to provide students who possess both the academic talent and interest in mathematics an opportunity to be challenged in a way that a regular course would not offer. This challenge stems from teachers stretching the student’s mathematical knowledge by examining topics in greater depth/detail and moving at a faster pace. Expectations of students enrolled in these courses include exemplary comprehension of the prerequisite mathematics, a commitment to active class participation, a passion for learning, and a dedication to the responsibilities that accompany the rigorous academic study.

In recent years, the mathematics department has changed its policy of advancing students based on accelerated summer work. Click HERE for complete details.