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The golf program at Bellarmine College Preparatory is dedicated to creating opportunities for players to grow as part of a larger community, representing that community, and having responsibility to that community to plan, prepare, and play to the best of their abilities on any given day. The overarching program goal is that each player will come to understand that life, and golf, is a process of events. Each player is encouraged to approach the events both on and off the course with respect, responsibility, and accountability. With this program mantra, the hope is each player associated with Bellarmine golf will grow as an individual and golfer with a clear understanding of the role mistakes and reflection play in growth. In line with the Athletic Department’s mission, the student athlete should leave his experience in the program with an appreciation for his God-given talents, the opportunity to learn from others and himself, the insight gleaned from competition, and awareness that the process is as important as the result.

Varsity Golf 2018

The program participates in the West Catholic Athletic League, which supports varsity and junior varsity levels. The league creates an opportunity for the players to compete against some of the best golfers, and play some of the best courses, in the area. The coaching staff strongly believes that to learn to handle what life presents a person, individuals must be given opportunities of age and skill level challenges. With an emphasis of being part of a program, each student-athlete is presented with the opportunity to learn the sacrifice associated with being part of a team, what is takes to be a team, and the rewards of knowing that honest effort and support is success. To this end, each team level participates in activities that push them both in golf and as a teammate. The varsity travels to out-of-town tournaments that allow the student-athlete to experience high level competition outside the immediate area, learning about themselves from the nuances of traveling as a team, and representing something bigger than themselves – Bellarmine College Prep.

For the 2022-23 season, the program will continue to work on living out respect, responsibility, and accountability while highlighting joy, gratitude, and communication. The season will present great golf within the league, and hopefully an opportunity to participate in the post-season tournaments held by the CCS, NorCal, and CIF. The Varsity plans to travel to the Pahrump Invitational and Southern Nevada Invitational in the Las Vegas area, and the Champions Invitational held at Indian Wells. The Junior Varsity will enter at least one tournament and continue the inter-squad competitions that have come to be a great source of fun for players and coaches alike. Most importantly, whether at practice on the course or in our on-campus golf facility, breaking down a course for play, or competing at a match, we will be grinding it out!


Please contact Louie Agelson if you have any questions.