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This summer, we plan to continue offerings both in person and distance learning courses.  Per parent and student feedback, we will no longer run courses in hybrid format; courses will either be all in person, or all distance learning.

Registration will open February 1, 2022.

Bellarmine Summer Days 2021 Catalog (last summer)

Driver's Education

  • Drivers Education - Complete the 'how did you hear about us', choose school and enter code 9224, then use promo code 1978.
  • NOTE: Due to COVID 19 restrictions the Driver Education classroom summer courses have been canceled at this time.  Economic Driving School also offers an Online Driver Education course that is perfect for students sheltering in place that need to fulfill their state required permit and licensing requirements.  If there is any other information you need please contact Don Meyer (408) 836-3853.

Grades 1-8 Highlights:

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Ceramics
    • Classical Mythology
    • Communication and Digital Citizenship
    • Computer Architecture Explained
    • Cybersecurity: White Hat Hacking
    • English for 6th, 7th and 8th grades to bridge those quarantine gaps!
    • Foundation for Visual Arts
    • Fun with Puppetry
    • Geometry
    • Improvisation
    • Intro to Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Intro to Digital Music Production
    • Intro to Guitar
    • Intro to Speech
    • Intro to Philosophy
    • Intro to Woodworking
    • Makerspace - Inventors Toolkit
    • Math-lab
    • Money Management and Investing
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Pre-Algebra Prep
    • STEM Exploration

Grade 9-12 Highlights:

    • Algebra 1A and 1B (credit bearing  for guest students)
    • Algebra 2A and 2B (credit bearing for guest students)
    • AP Computer Science Course Prep
    • AP Spanish Course Prep
    • Ceramics
    • Chemistry 1A and 1B (credit bearing for guest students)
    • Computer Architecture Explained
    • Improvisation
    • Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
    • Introduction to Guitar
    • Spanish 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B
    • Vector Illustration and Character Design