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Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a game of finesse and grace, where it takes each and every skater until the final horn to accomplish a victory or finish strong in defeat.  From its humble beginnings in 1996, based upon a simple ask from students interested in playing hockey, to today, Bellarmine's roller program has grown to quench the thirst for the sport in the South Bay. Our club teams also afford our students the opportunity to represent their school and its mission, and to embody the spirit of the school in competition.

Varsity Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is broken down into three seasons: fall, winter, and spring.  Seasons include 10 games and a play-off tournament, in which everyone participates. USA Hockey rules are followed, with some differences specified by local rink rules.

Bellarmine’s roller program is one of the flagship teams in the area, competing at nearly every skill level at Silver Creek Sportsplex. Because roller hockey is a "no-cut" sport, i.e., if the student is willing to put in the time, they will make a team, we have enough players to field multiple teams. Players are assigned to a team based on skill-level, and can move up by putting in the work—by practicing and attending all games.  This approach provides a unique opportunity for a broad base of students, and allows each team to have their own personality. Regardless of success in terms of wins and losses, all of our teams are known for their spirit and their bond of brotherhood. For the most skilled players, our Bellarmine "A" or division one team, is known for its drive and competitive prowess, winning championships almost annually.  It is also recognized for its multi-faceted athletes, who often compete in ice hockey or other Bellarmine varsity sports.