Cafeteria Account

The Bellarmine cafeteria is a convenient and healthy place
for your son to eat meals with his classmates.
Food service is available at breakfast, break and lunch, Monday through Friday.

The Bellarmine Campus Account is a prepaid account which supports a cashless cafeteria for the school.  Our accounts are managed by MySchoolAccount, which provides online access to student accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


MySchoolAccount allows parents to:
  • Enroll and assign their student(s) to a prepaid individual account.
  • View account balance(s).
  • Set low-balance email notifications.
  • View a 30-day purchase history.
  • Load funds online or at school.
MySchoolAccount is safe and easy for students.
  • With a prepaid account, students no longer have to handle cash and lost/stolen lunch money becomes an obsolete issue.
  • Use of biometrics avoids possible misuse of funds.
  • The process is cash-free so cafeteria lines move much faster.
Getting Started

Simply go to to establish your account. We want every student to use this amazing program, so we are waiving the fee, making it FREE to sign up. You cannot enroll any other way. Once enrolled, you may load funds onto the account, either online or at school.

Adding Funds to an Account

Loading funds online - You may load funds to an account using a credit card or eCheck (from your checking account). Funds added online are subject to a $2 transaction fee. Online deposits can take up to 24 hours to post, depending upon when you performed the transaction in relationship to MySchoolAccount's batch processing schedule. 

Loading funds at school - Simply have your student bring a check, made payable to Bellarmine College Preparatory, to one of the cashiers in the cafeteria. They can immediately load the funds to your student's account. 

Account Updates

Accounts update nightly to reconcile deposits and cafeteria purchases. It takes up to 24 hours for activity to appear online.

Mobile Apps

MySchoolAccount offers a mobile app for iOS and Android.


Parents having questions, please send us an email at