AMEN Steering Committee





 Teresa Giovanzana - Chair

The Chair oversees and facilitates activities, events and communications with the general AMEN membership, and adheres to the AMEN bylaws and mission statement. She communicates with Bellarmine and the AMEN Advisor. The Chair also oversees and facilitates the AMEN Steering Committee in its monthly meetings and duties, prepares meeting agendas, obtains reports, and promotes consensus.

Contact: Teresa Giovanzana

Betsy Noonen - Chair-Elect

The Chair-Elect shadows the Chair for a year, and then becomes Chair the following year. She supports the Chair, helps with communications and collects final reports.

Contact: Betsy Noonen


  • Advisor

    Linda Chin

    The Advisor offers historical perspective to the AMEN Steering Committee.

    Contact: Linda Chin

  • BMG Liaison

    Sarah Westfall

    The BMG Liaison serves as resource and communication liaison between AMEN and the BMG and recruits AMEN moms to assist at specific BMG events.

    Contact: Sarah Westfall

  • Fall Dinner

    Mary Helmers & Debbie Newcomb

    The Co-Chairs plan and create invitations, menu, décor, and event program for an annual Fall Dinner. They also coordinate with BCP kitchen staff and Amen Steering Committee members to facilitate the event.

    Contact: Mary Helmers , Debbie Newcomb

  • Fundraising

    Ruth Shikada, Sandy Gruwell, & Julie Hughes

    Fundraising chairs maintain an inventory of fundraising items and sell them at four school events. They also stock the Campus Store with these items and work closely with the AMEN Treasurer to maintain accounts.

    Contact: Ruth Shikada , Sandy Gruwell , Julie Hughes

  • Historian

    Janine Hakim

    The Historian attends AMEN-sponsored events, photographs the events and forwards the photos to the Website Chair for posting to the web.

    Contact: Janine Hakim

  • Interest Groups

    Kathy Armistead

    The Interest Group Liaison gathers monthly updates from AMEN Interest groups and communicates this information to the AMEN Steering Committee and AMEN Webmaster.

    Contact: Kathy Armistead

  • Membership

    Lisa Christensen

    The Membership Chair encourages and manages AMEN membership through mailings to new grad moms and past AMEN members, keeps an updated list of members and distributes this list to event chairs as needed.

    Contact: Lisa Christensen

  • BMG Moderator

    Diane Seadler

    The AMEN Moderator is the liaison to Bellarmine College Preparatory.

    Contact: Diane Seadler

  • Retreat

    Elaine Bakan

    The Retreat Chairs organize an AMEN retreat by arranging date, venue, invitation, and facilitator.  The retreat is usually scheduled in February and includes Mass.

    Contact: Elaine Bakan

  • Secretary

    Kim Loquaci

    The Recording Secretary takes minutes at all monthly Board Meetings and the General Meetings, emails minutes for review prior to Steering Committee meetings, and presents final revisions for approval at the following Steering Committee meetings.

    Contact: Kim Loquaci

  • Spring Dinner

    Rouchand Bush & Chrissy Brink

    The Co-Chairs plan and create invitations, menu, décor, and event program for an annual Spring Dinner. They also coordinate with BCP kitchen staff and AMEN Steering Committee members to facilitate the event.

    Contact: Rouchand Bush , Chrissy Brink

  • Treasurer

    Mary Sanchirico

    Serves as resource to AMEN Steering Committee members, liaison between AMEN and BCP Finance, tracks revenue and expenses, prepares budgets and financial documents, reconciles BCP financial reports with treasurer’s records, and provides monthly financial updates to the AMEN Steering Committee.

    Contact: Mary Sanchirico

  • Website

    Catherine Christofferson

    The webmaster maintains the AMEN website by posting communications, news, events and photos. She also sends out a monthly electronic newsletter and works with Bellarmine staff and technology to stay updated.

    Contact: Catherine Christofferson

  • Website Elect

    Catherine Christofferson

    The Webmaster-Elect shadows the webmaster for one year, assisting her and training with her, in preparation for taking over the position as Webmaster the following year.

    Contact: Catherine Christofferson