The Whole Student

Our mission is to guide each student in the formation of his whole self...


... and Bellarmine’s Personal Counselors are critical in that process, advising and guiding students during their first three years here. Students are assigned to a counselor at the beginning of their freshman year, affording our counselors maximum time to get to know their students on a more personal level. This familiarity not only helps students in feeling free to discuss their academic and personal challenges, but it gives our counselors additional insight into appropriate and effective counsel. 

Within the Jesuit tradition, students are encouraged to find their own unique path toward living their lives as men of conscience, integrity, and character. Our personal counselors work with faculty, coaches, moderators, and families to develop young men who will be happy and effective adults in the world. They also work closely with parents to advise them on academic issues and support them through the challenges of parenting in the 21st century.

In the second semester of the junior year, students are assigned to a college counselor who guides the student and his family through the processes of the college search, college applications, and matriculation to higher education.

Counselor's Profiles

The Bellarmine Counseling Department is staffed with seven counselors. With their experience both as Bellarmine parents and Bellarmine counselors, they are in a unique position to understand, guide, and empathize with the young men who spend four years here. 

Because of their personal experiences and formal training in counseling-psychology, our counseling staff is knowledgeable about adolescent development and the many challenges that arise during this phase. They see and understand how our boys negotiate their way through the different stages of their development as they go through freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years at Bellarmine. 

Each of the counselors also has wide-ranging involvement with our students in important areas of school life:

  • Bellarmine counselors teach sophomore Fitness and Health classes on the topics of drugs and alcohol, and human sexuality.
  • Each counselor spends significant time moderating activities or coaching sports at Bellarmine.
  • All go on retreats with the boys; a number also go on immersion trips with them.
  • All are regular fixtures at school events such as games, plays, performances, and robotics tournaments.

The know-how in all of these different facets of school life gives our counselors an exceptional opportunity to know, appreciate, and hopefully enhance the experience of our Bellarmine students. They are their advocates and their allies. They know when to lend a sympathetic ear and when to engage them in a “reality check” type of conversation.