Academic Support

Bellarmine offers several support programs designed to help students succeed. Whether assisting and advocating for students with learning disabilities, helping students improve their study skills, or providing tutoring on individual subjects, Bellarmine is committed to ensuring that your son receives the support he needs.


The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center provides resources and support services for the entire Bellarmine community.  The center is designed for both individual studying and small group collaboration. Small group and individual support for students related to topics such as learning style and study strategies is provided by ARC staff.  In addition, drop-in tutoring assistance is available for subject review and reinforcement by ARC staff and volunteer adult tutors. Additionally, ARC Staff provides support to teachers and counselors to facilitate student growth, and collaborates with the Office of Accessible Education coordinator as needed.

The ARC is open before, during, and after school Monday through Friday.

Office of Accessible Education

Our commitment to fairness, justice, and cura personalis extends to providing academically-qualified students with a disability an equal opportunity to access the school's academic programs and activities. Available academic adjustments are those that do not alter the pacing, mastery expectations, classroom participation, rigor of coursework, or completion of graduation requirements. Our learning community is enriched by diverse learners who contribute their unique perspectives and life experiences to all aspects of our school.

Office of Accessible Education provides access and support for academically-able students with disabilities. Types of disabilities include medical, physical, psychological, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and learning disabilities. Adjustments are available to support students with substantial impairments that impact their ability to access the curricular program and be successful, while maintaining college preparatory academic standards referenced above. Refer to our Office of Accessible Education Brochure, which extensively describes services and qualification requirements, for more details. 

Minor adjustments supported at Bellarmine are designed to minimize the effect of current symptoms of a student's diagnosed condition on physical access and academic performance, while maximizing the potential for success.