Retreats are an essential part of developing young men to be reflective, thoughtful believers. Taking time away from the routine of the day and the "busyness" of life helps students gain perspective and evaluate priorities.

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  • Kairos

    This four-day, overnight retreat is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to reflect on self and relationships with God, family, and friends. Through the experience of group discussion, prayer, and Sacraments, students are guided to see life in a new way, and more fully appreciate the remaining days of high school and the years ahead.

    • Kairos 160 September 6 - 9 recommended for spring athletes (Registration is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Baily at
    • Kairos 161 February 7 – 10 (Seniors only) recommended for fall athletes (Registration will be available on August 22 at 8am)
    • Kairos 162 March 7 – 10 recommended for fall & perhaps winter athletes, depending on playoffs (Registration will be available on August 22 at 8am)
  • Sophomore Leadership Retreat

    This retreat is about growing in understanding of what it means to be a Servant Leader. Bellarmine identifies being "open to growth and leadership opportunities" as one of the values that every single student should develop by the time that he graduates. This retreat offers students time to reflect on their gifts and talents, recognize God’s invitation toward leadership, and consider the call to share their personal gifts and talents with others. Activities will include presentations, small group sharing, team building activities, and other prayer experiences. This is an overnight retreat.

    • Servant Leadership Retreat #1 October 5 – 6 (Registration will be available on August 22 at 8am)
    • Servant Leadership Retreat #2 October 19 – 20 (Registration will be available on August 22 at 8am)
    • Servant Leadership Retreat #3 February 15 – 16 (Registration will be available in mid December)
    • Servant Leadership Retreat #4 March 22 – 23 (Registration will be available in mid December)
  • Transfer Student Retreat

    Transfer students gather together for one school day to get to know each other, and the Bellarmine community, better.

  • Leaders in Mission Retreat

    For students participating in or interested to join Unity Council, Agape, Compañeros, Eucharistic Ministry, and Bells Choir.


  • Parent-Child Retreat for Senior & Juniors Only

    The parent-child retreat has been a tradition for decades and we are blessed to continue sharing it with the BCP community. There will be time together and on your own to reflect, share, take a walk, pray, and experience time with your son.

  • Sibling Retreat (junior high (6-8), high school, or college age sibling)

    This retreat will be an opportunity for siblings to pray, reflect, enjoy a picnic, attend mass, and engage in meaningful conversations together. We invite your Bellarmine student and their sibling (junior high (6-8), high school, or college age sibling) to take an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen their relationship in the light of God’s love. Participants will bring their lunch and a picnic blanket to enjoy lunch together.