Solidarity Dinner 2019

Thu Feb 7

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Location: Liccardo Center

Come celebrate our Bellarmine Immersion Programs and support the long-standing connection with our sister community of Agua Escondida in El Salvador. Share in a meal, music, reflection and prayer to strengthen the spirit of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Central America and in all the communities in which we serve.

Donations to support our preschool program in Agua Escondida are warmly appreciated; however, please note that donations are not tax deductible because we (BCP) are acting as a pass-through agent of donations that do not directly benefit us.

  • A $50 donation ($5 ticket x 10) provides for a month of school materials for the kindergarten
  • A $200 donation ($5 x 40) provides for a year of drinking water
  • A $400 donation ($5 x 80) provides for a teacher's salary for one month
    • Registration must be completed online for this event. The deadline for purchase is 3:00 pm on February 6th.

      Students on financial assistance, for whom the cost of admission is a hardship, should contact Mr. Cussen, Assistant Director of Christian Service, Immersions.

      Solidarity Dinner 2019

      $20.00 each

      $75.00 each
      Optional Donation

      $5.00 each
      Total Cost: 
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