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Tuition Assistance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who may apply for Tuition Assistance?

    Tuition Assistance is made available to any and all families currently enrolled at BCP. Awards are given out to those families who show a need for financial assistance.

  • How do I know if I qualify?

    Bellarmine encourages all families to apply for tuition assistance who think they need financial assistance. We award families, who range in income, from $25,000 – $250,000+ a year. We take into consideration income, dependents, assets, and other students at tuition paying schools in K-12th and college.

    Please visit our Tuition Assistance Calculator to see the range of awards in families who have similar income and dependents as you.

  • What if I’m a single parent?

    For single parents whose son has a living second parent , your application will only be reviewed for up to half the amount of tuition. Bellarmine assumes both parent households are contributing to the student’s tuition and each parent will have their own tuition account and own Tuition Assistance Application in which aid is applied. Information is kept confidential between both households. If there is no contact with the other parent or the other parent is not in your son’s life, please indicate this in the additional comment section at the end of the application and you may be contacted to fill out further documentation.

  • Will I need to pay back my tuition assistance award?


    Bellarmine's tuition assistance program does not include any loan components. All awards are from generous donors which means families do not need to pay back the assistance. 

  • What are the expectations and requirements for my son if he receives tuition assistance?

    All students who receive tuition assistance are required:

    • Maintain a C average or better for all grading periods during the academic year.
    • Write a letter of gratitude to a donor whose gift has helped make Bellarmine’s Tuition Assistance program possible.
    • Uphold the standard of excellence in behavior and contribute positively to the community
  • Are there any merit scholarships or tuition assistance jobs my family can apply for?

    Bellarmine only offers need-based tuition assistance. We do not offer merit scholarships or separate tuition assistance service hours to reduce the cost of tuition.

  • Does Bellarmine offer a sibling discount?

    No, Bellarmine does not offer a sibling discount. However, the Tuition Assistance Committee always considers the number of children attending tuition-charging schools at one time, which is why it is important to mark the schools your children are attending in your FACTS application.

  • Does applying for tuition assistance influence the admission decision process?

    Bellarmine's admissions decisions are not influenced by a family’s need for financial assistance. These processes are managed by different departments and do not overlap in anyway. The admissions department does not know which applicants have applied for tuition assistance.

  • Is tuition assistance automatically renewed each year for each student?

    No, all families receiving financial assistance must reapply each year. Every application is reviewed annually and awards can change each year depending on the financial need of the family applying.

  • What if I haven’t completed my income taxes for the most recent tax year?

    In this case, supply your completed tax returns for the previous year as well your W2s for the requested tax year. Your tuition assistance decision will not be postponed but you will need to submit completed federal income tax returns for the requested tax year upon their completion.

  • When will I be notified of my award?

    Students applying for the 9th grade will receive notification of their tuition assistance award electronically through FACTS the same day the admission acceptance letter that will be mailed out in March. Check the Admissions calendar for the specific date. Returning students will be notified of their tuition assistance awards electronically through FACTS in mid-April.

  • Do I need to fill out more than one application if my student is applying at multiple schools?

    No, you may fill out one application for all Catholic private schools in the Diocese of San Jose. Be sure to include each school’s code in the dependent section in order for them to receive information from FACTS Management.

    It is the family’s responsibility to monitor the deadlines for each school and the supplemental documents each school might require.

  • What if I’m self-employed?

    For self-employed parents, all income tax forms must be signed by a licensed tax preparer.

  • If I am selected for tuition assistance review, what do I need to supply?

    Examples of additional information that may be requested include bank statements, alimony/child support agreements, car registrations, stock or retirement statements or current year-to-date pay statements.

  • Who can I contact if I have a question about the FACTS website, process or forms?

    All questions should be directed to FACTS Management at (866) 441-4637.

  • Who can I contact if I have an additional question which is not covered here?

    If you have additional questions, please contact Alejandra Fraume at