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Tuition FAQ

Q. What is Smart Tuition?

  • Smart Tuition is secure payment management system that allows parents to contact a live person 24/7. Parents will also have the ability to view their son's account balance online at anytime.

Q. What is Smart Tuition's contact information?

  • Toll-free phone: (888) 868-8828, press 0 to reach a live person. Smart Tuition's representatives are available 24/7.

Q. Is there a fee I have to pay to Smart Tuition for different payment options?

  • Yes, there is a $45.00 administrative fee if you elect to pay either in 2 payments or 11 payments. Smart Tuition will deduct this fee in your first payment. For those payers who select the 1 payment plan, no administrative fee will be charged to your account.

Q. If I pay by credit card, are there other fees I am required to pay?

  • Yes. If you choose to use your debit or credit card a 2.85% convenience fee will apply.

Q. Where do I find the 11 monthly payments option on the Smart enrollment?

  • Return to Section 3 of 4 - HOW & WHEN WILL YOU MAKE PAYMENTS. Select the 2nd radio button that states: I want Smart Tuition to deduct the payment automatically from my bank account or credit card. If you cannot return to this section, close out of Smart and go back to Step 4 of the enrollment process and follow the directions above.

Q. What is the difference between a late fee and a bank fee?

  • A late fee of $40 is charged to your account if your payment has not been received by Smart by its due date.
    A bank fee of $30 will be charged to your account if your check bounces due to insufficient funds, or electronic payment fails due to insufficient funds or uncollected funds.

Q. What if I forget my Smart Tuition user name and/or password?

  • Go to the main page at and can click on "Forgot Login ID" or "Forgot Password" for assistance.

Q. Whom do I contact if I disagree with the tuition amount?

  • Call Smart Tuition at (888) 868-8828 anytime. If your question is not resolved, please contact Jamon Osby in the Business Office at

Q. Why can't I make a payment in the Bellarmine Business Office?

  • Smart Tuition offers a variety of payment options, payment types and the ability to accept payments virtually any time. Our families will have the advantage of contacting Smart 24/7. As Bellarmine moves toward being a cash-less campus, we feel this is a great benefit to our families.

Q. What do I do if I do not have internet at home?

  • In this case, we recommend that you visit your local public library. Most libraries offer access to computers and the internet.

Q. Why can't I access my Smart account even though I have gone through the online enrollment?

  • Your Smart account will be activated after Bellarmine has validated the account information. New freshman accounts are activated in April. Returning student accounts are activated in May.

Q. Who can I contact if I have an additional question which is not covered here?

  • Start with Smart Tuition, (888) 868-8828. If they cannot answer the question, contact Jamon Osby in the Business Office at (408) 537-9438 or