Spiritualties of the Oppressed

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Course Description: Perhaps the most documented claim about Jesus of Nazareth is that He so closely associated with the marginalized and those considered “outcasts.” However, so often the voices from oppressed ethnic communities are suppressed and unheard in terms of their struggles and how it has shaped their spiritual journeys. This course aims to grow within students a sense of solidarity with these oppressed communities, and a sense of responsibility to be allies of the oppressed in working for liberation and the building of the Kingdom of God. This course will attempt to draw students into an analysis of spiritualities/theologies arising from varying oppressed ethnic communities including the African American experience, Latin American experience, and Asian American experience (includes Chinese American, Filipino American, Japanese American, Korean American, South East Asian, and Vietnamese American). The intent is to lift these voices from the underside, creating a better understanding of faith in action. It is envisioned that students will leave this course more truly committed to being “for and with others” (Pedro Arrupe, SJ).

Comments: Senior elective.

UC / CSU Approved