Christian Ethics

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Course Description: Christian Ethics is a required one-semester course in Religious Studies for juniors. This course examines the human experience of the moral life. The focus of this class is the Roman Catholic moral theological tradition, even while examining ethical insights from a variety of philosophical, religious, and cultural traditions. The fundamental perspective of this course is that the moral life is an invitation to all persons to fulfill their human destiny in response to the gratuitous love of God. For Catholic Christians, the moral life is life in Jesus Christ, which is characterized by our loving one another as Jesus loved us. The nature of truth and goodness, development of moral character, formation of personal conscience, spiritual discernment in the Ignatian tradition, and criteria for judgment and action will be explored. Contemporary moral issues relating to consumer culture, human sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, technology and mass society, abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty will be discussed.

Comments: Required course for juniors.