Computer Science

The purpose of the Computer Science Department at Bellarmine is to provide all students with the tools they will need to succeed at Bellarmine, in college, and in life after college.

Computer Science courses are offered as electives. Because of that, courses are selected with the purpose of providing students with a variety of areas of interest to explore, ranging from programming to web design to software applications. Although we strive to develop young men who are competent in these disciplines, our larger goal is to help students to become discerning, compassionate learners of these new technologies who will use their abilities to help make themselves and their surrounding communities more aware, loving, and just members of the global community.


Bellarmine currently offers one honors level course and one AP course in the Computer Science department.  Interested students must complete the Informed Enrollment process, i.e., solicit feedback from their current teacher, parents, and counselor; and secure counselor approval, prior to enrollment.