Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I explore summer offerings?

We've released a new and improved Summer Programs catalog on our Explore Offerings page. You can filter the catalog to fine-tune the available offerings based upon the age(s) of your child(ren), subject matter, week, time of day and duration.

Do you offer camps or classes for girls?

Yes!  Bellarmine Summer Programs is a co-education experience.  We offer classes and camps for girls and boys from grades 1 through 12.

When can I register for Summer Programs?

Registration for Bellarmine's Summer Programs will open on February 12.  Feel free to sign up for our mailing list, and we'll alert you when registration is open!

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How many classes can a student miss?

For those courses bearing 10 credits, students may not miss more than one day of class.  Missing more than one day will result in a loss of credit without obtaining prior approval from the Director of Summer Programs and the course instructor.

For those courses bearing 5 credits, students may not miss more than three days of class.  If a student must miss more than three days of class, they will need to obtain written approval through the Director of Summer Programs and the course instructor.  Failure to obtain approval would result in loss of credit for the course.

For those courses that do not bear credit, students may miss class as needed, but any planned absences should be communicated to the Summer Programs Office at

Can I schedule a free period for my child between classes/camps?

In an effort to keep all students safe and supervised, we cannot allow gaps in their schedules. Please ensure that your class and/or camp selections are in adjacent periods.

What are the drop-off and pick-up policies?

We ask that students be dropped off no earlier than 30 minutes prior to their first period, and be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their last period.

Can my child purchase snacks/lunch on campus?

Our cafeteria in Liccardo Center is open from 7:30 am - 1:30 pm. Menus and information regarding a prepaid lunch program will be released in early June.

What is your refund policy?

All refund requests must be delivered in writing or via e-mail. Contact the Bellarmine Summer Program Office at

For registrations finalized on or before June 1, 2018

  • Five percent of course/camp payments function as a non-refundable deposit and will be held as a processing fee in the case of refund requests.
  • No refunds for registrations completed within this timeframe will be processed after June 1, 2018.

For registrations finalized after June 1, 2018

  • After June 1, 2018, refunds will only be processed in the case that a request is made within 72 hours of initial payment.
  • Five percent of course/camp payments function as a non-refundable deposit and will be held as a processing fee in the case of refund requests.

What is the difference between 'academic' and 'enrichment'?

Academic coures tend to be six weeks in length, and can usually be characterized by the fact that they are credit-bearing, and tend to be more traditionally rigorous.  Some classes categorizes as academic are oriented around a subject for the purpose of preview or tutoring, as is the case with our Math Labs.  Many of our high school academic courses are UC approved, and constitute one, or in some cases, two semesters of credit.  Examples would be our Accelerated Chemistry and Algebra 2 Courses, or British Literature 2 courses.  

Enrichment courses and camps tend to be less than six weeks in length, and are more exploratory in nature.  Examples would be  Intro to Guitar, Improv, or Exploring STEM camps.  While enrichment courses are not credit-bearing, they often will provide a foundation for academic success and intellectual exploration through projects, performances, and competitions.

Why does the same camp have different prices during different weeks?

Some weeks during the summer session are shorter than others.  For this reason we pro-rate the pricing of all one-week camps.  A 4-day camp costs 4/5ths the full 5-day pricing.

Do you offer a wait list?


Are you offering a shuttle to CalTrain?

We do not run shuttles to the CalTrain station during the summer.