Summit on Human Dignity

Bellarmine College Preparatory
is a community of men and women gathered together by God for the purpose of educating the student to seek justice and truth throughout his life.

In service of this mission, the Summit on Human Dignity and Social Justice aims to transform the members of the Bellarmine community to women and men devoted to building God’s kingdom of joy, peace and justice.

The Summit is intended to exercise the head, heart and hands of each member of the Bellarmine community. Intellectually, we seek to assess critically the values propagated by contemporary culture and analyze historical, economic and social trends which lead toward the systematic degradation of human life and human rights. Spiritually, we seek the way of Christ in simplicity, humility and love rather than the way of the world in riches, honor and pride. Pragmatically, we choose solidarity to align ourselves as women and men for and with others, working in direct service to, and as advocates for, those marginalized by society.

 2016-2017 Summit Theme: Care for Our Common Home

In awe and wonder, we recognize that earth, our common home, provides for our human life along with all other living things in a marvelous cosmos of being. Our school community proclaims, “Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice!” (Psalm 96:11) as we join with St. Ignatius Loyola and contemplate God’s love manifest in the existence of natural elements, the life of plants, the sensation of animals, and the intelligence and dignity of human beings (Spiritual Exercises, #235). Yet, as Pope Francis teaches, the earth cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on it by our irresponsible and selfish use of natural resources; the earth is “burdened and laid waste…among the most abandoned and maltreated of our poor” (Laudato Si’, #2).

During this Summit year, we seek new lifestyles more respectful of nature based on different ways of thinking and acting. Attentive to solid scientific consensus and sound environmental practices, we will care for our common home through “concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society, and interior peace” (Laudato Si’, #10). Ultimately, our Summit journey toward dignity and justice for every member of the human family is a journey of the heart, so that we will fall more deeply in love with the grandeur of nature, the nobility of the human person, and the mystery of the gift of life.


Summit Calendar

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