Welcome to the Scheduling page. We have included information that will not only help you to navigate the scheduling process at Bellarmine, but help you make decisions about your course of study. Talk to your counselor or Scheduling Office personnel if you have specific concerns about your current schedule or the scheduling process (which occurs each spring for the following year). Bellarmine also has five college counselors to help you with scheduling choices as they relate to college admissions.

Once the term begins, all schedule changes must be made in person within the Scheduling Office. Changes may be made for any reason during the drop/add period. If you are considering dropping a course after the deadline, you must see your counselor and Scheduling Office personnel to discuss your options and pick up the necessary form.

Drop Policy

2018-2019 Academic Year
  • If you requested the course, we will not adjust the schedule. Students will be expected to remain in the class they chose.
  • If the course was not requested by you, adjustments to the schedule will be made based on space availability of classes within the same department.
  • Schedule changes due to having had the teacher previously will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You will not have an automatic change of schedule if you are assigned the same teacher more than once during your academic years at BCP.
  • You may not request a change of schedule due to the period that you were assigned a class.
  • You are eligible to take seven classes in a semester if one of the courses is a Visual/Performing Arts, Fitness and Health or Computer Science course. The following parameters apply:  
    • students may add an elective in a free period after consulting with a counselor
    • students may drop an elective to gain a free period after consulting with a counselor
    • students may not drop and add an elective in the same semester
    • schedules will not be adjusted so that the free period or elective is at a different time in the schedule

Honors and Advanced Placement Enrollment

If you are interested in taking an Honors/AP course next year, you should consult with your current instructor to solicit their feedback about whether this is a good choice for you. In addition, you should reflect on your study habits, overall course load and interest in the subject matter. If you still think it is a good idea, then you may request the course during the online course request period.

However, please know that your counselor will review your course requests during your one-on-one scheduling meeting in March or April. If the counselor determines (based on your grade history, current grade, study habits, overall course load and outside commitments) that the Honors/AP course is not a good idea, he/she will not approve your request, and you will be scheduled into a regular level course.

If you would like to appeal the counselor’s decision, you and your parents will meet with the Assistant Principal for Academics, Ms. Bridgit McGarry, to discuss the situation.

Seventh Period Class Selection

Bellarmine's schedule includes a 7th period. You may choose to have one "free" period each semester OR you may choose to fill the 7th period with an elective offered within the Visual and Performing Arts, Computer Science or Physical Education departments. Alternatively, the 7th period can be filled with a TA position. You may NOT choose to take a 7th course from any other department offerings. (In very rare cases, exceptions to this rule will be considered. All such cases must be presented to the Director of Scheduling before school ends in the spring.) Priority for extra courses will be given to rising seniors first, followed by juniors, sophomores and then freshmen.


BCP Time Management Worksheet

Estimated Prep Time Commitments (by Course)

Graduation Requirements Tracker

Class Change Forms are available from Mrs. Dunn in the Student Life Center.

Co-Curriculars and TA Positions

Students involved in major co-curriculars and/or serving as Teaching Assistants will not receive letter grades for their participation. Their participation, however, will be evaluated, and they will be eligible to earn credit based upon that assessment (i.e., Credit / No Credit designation on the student transcript.)