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College Guidance

Course Description: A one-unit course in which juniors examine academic and personal strengths as a prelude to the college decision-making process. Students identify areas of interest, learning style, and the criteria needed to determine appropriate matches in higher education. During the course, students become familiar with the options available in the community college, CSU and UC systems, as well as private schools. Transcript analysis, GPA calibration, selection of major, career possibilities, and the application essay are topics that are included in the syllabus.

Comments: Required course for all juniors, which is incorporated into their Social Justice class.  This is a pass/fail course.

Introduction to Journalism Semester

Course Description: This course introduces students to the fundamental elements of journalism by providing an overview and analysis of traditional print and broadcast media. Topics include assessing the news value of an event or situation, interviewing techniques, news writing versus feature writing, layout and design, photography and videography, legal and ethical issues, and the history of journalism. Activities include writing news and feature stories, interviewing campus officials, producing mock newspapers and magazines, radio broadcasts of news and interviews, field trips to local media outlets and guest speakers.

Comments: Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior elective.

Introduction to Video Production - Cinematic Communication Semester< No

Course Description: This course introduces students to the basic principles of cinema production as a mode of communication. Sections cover the fundamental techniques in camera use, sound and editing to communicate narrative and emotional content. Students will learn the basics of narrative layout, production planning, visual composition, lighting, sound recording techniques, continuity editing and sound mixing, and how those fundamental skills and accompanying techniques are utilized in narrative cinema, animation and documentary. With an understanding of these tools, they will take a production from concept through development, into execution and ultimately critique. This course emphasizes the interrelated aspects of each phase from conception to audience response as a path to effective communication. In that vein, course work includes individual and collaborative exercises/projects to highlight focused, productive collaboration and communication as an essential part of utilizing the medium.

Comments: Sophomore, junior, senior elective.

Teaching Assistant Semester No

Course Description: A student may serve as a Teaching Assistant in the various subject areas, library, technology department and school office. Teacher approval is necessary, with individual teachers and/or departments determining the criteria necessary for their specific area. Seniors may replace a one-semester elective with a Teaching Assistant period. Student TAs are evaluated by the teacher/staff member they are assisting, and are eligible to earn credit based upon that assessment (i.e., Credit/No Credit designation on the student transcript).

Comments: Elective.