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The best out-of-class resource available to students is a visit to a teacher during office hours. All of our teachers post the hours they are available for drop-in questions, whether before or after school or during break or lunch. If a student’s activities conflict with his teacher’s office hours, then he should let his teacher know and the teacher will arrange an alternative meeting time.

Office hours is a block of time during which a teacher is available to answer the questions of any student who wants to come in and ask. For example, a student can ask for clarification of a concept, he can ask to work a few practice problems with the teacher, or he can ask for specific strategies for preparing for a quiz or a test. When our graduating seniors are asked what single piece of advice they would give to someone who wants to succeed in math at Bellarmine, seeking help from teachers — right away, as soon as the student needs it — is the number one response. All of our teachers are more than happy to answer a student’s question, clarify a concept, or strategize about an upcoming exam.

There are a number of reasons why office hours is the most beneficial form of outside help:

  • When a student meets with his teacher, he will not only receive help but also course-specific advice that only the teacher can provide. Working together also builds the student-teacher relationship and fosters better communication.
  • The conversation will provide important feedback for the teacher regarding what his or her students are struggling with and could lead to helpful adjustments in instruction.
  • An office hours visit or two may be enough to help navigate the student through his struggles. When the student is back on track, he learns that seeking help and advocating for himself are useful strategies when he encounters struggle. These are the types of strategies that will serve him well when he goes off to college.
  • A teacher is in a better position to make recommendations regarding additional resources after having met with a student during office hours.

We want all students to know that office hours are used by many of our most successful math students. Successful students learn to use all of the resources available to them effectively, and teacher office hours is definitely the first outside-of-class resource to try.

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Courses

Bellarmine uses the College Prep Math (CPM) curriculum at the Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 levels. For more information about the curriculum and its guiding principles, please see the “What is CPM?” web page. CPM offers a rich set of resources for students and parents. The CPM homework help resources are outlined below.

CPM provides students with free online access to hints and/or answers to assigned homework problems. (Note: teachers also often post answers to assigned homework problems on Canvas.) Students are encouraged to do their best to arrive at a solution on their own and to access the homework help when they need it. If a student is experiencing difficulty with homework on a consistent basis, then he is encouraged to see his teacher during office hours.

Links to Homework Help Pages:
(Note: There is also a link to the HW help page from the student’s eBook)

Algebra 1 
Geometry (or Geometry Honors)
Algebra 2 (or Algebra 2 Honors, or Accelerated Algebra 2)

Precalculus Honors (PCH)

Are you really ready for Precalc Honors?

The transition from Algebra 2 (regular or honors) to Precalc Honors is perhaps the most challenging of all transitions in the Bellarmine math curriculum. Even if you have qualified for Precalc Honors by meeting the grade prerequisites, the transition and the higher level of rigor will challenge you. Precalculus, more than any other level of math you’ve experienced so far, will ask you to draw on math concepts you have learned over the years and to apply them in combination, and in new ways. To be successful, you must have a solid command of these tools and you must recognize when to use them. This self-assessment will help you measure your command of Algebra 2 concepts and hence, your readiness for Precalc Honors. It will also help you reflect on whether you really want to take the course.

If you decide not to take Precalc Honors, then you should contact your counselor prior to May 1st to request regular Precalculus instead. After May 1st, course requests are locked in. There is a two-week drop period at the start of the school year, but waiting to drop Precalc Honors in the Fall is likely to be painful. A drop in September may require changing other classes in your course schedule which would force you to leave another class that you really like.

Self-test for PCH Readiness