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The education that we offer our students is not limited to what occurs within the four walls of the classroom, between first bell and final bell. The development of the whole person, a hallmark of Jesuit education, is only satisfied by helping our students explore their interests and cultivate their talents. To that end, Bellarmine provides a myriad of co-curricular activities which give the students the opportunity to grow in understanding of themselves and others.

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Student Life FAQs


What types of co-curriculars does Bellarmine offer?


There are over 100 clubs on campus, in addition to our four largest co-curriculars - Robotics, Speech and Debate, Theatre Arts and Yearbook. If you add in leadership opportunities like student government, Yell Leaders, and Big Brothers, there really is something for every one.


Does Bellarmine host dances?


Bellarmine hosts several types of dances during the school year, including mixers, date dances and formals. Mixers offer a great way for students to interact informally in a supervised and safe environment. They are set up by age group - freshman/sophomore, junior/senior - and dates are not necessary nor are they the norm.


In addition to dances, how else can I meet girls?


Although girls aren't on campus during our school day, there are many opportunities for boys and girls to meet and hang out - at athletic events and on-campus events such as plays, concerts and our annual spirit rally. Additionally, our Theatre Arts program draws the participation of girls from local high schools.

Student Life News

  • BCP Receives Recognition at Natl Speech/Debate Tournament

    BCP Received Honors as a School of Outstanding Distinction at the 2017 National Speech & Debate Tournament

    Bellarmine was honored as a School of Outstanding Distinction at the National Speech and Debate Tournament, held in Birmingham, AL, last week. The award recognizes the top ten schools who have competed in both the speech and debate divisions of the tournament.

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  • Pravin Ravishanker Named 2017 Presidential Scholar

    Pravin Ravishanker, 2017 US Presidential Scholar

    Pravin Ravishanker '17 was recently named a 2017 US Presidential Scholar by the US Department of Education and the Commission on Presidential Scholars. He is one of 161 students from across the country to receive the award.

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  • Robotics Claims Victory at World Championship

    Team 254, FIRST World Champions

    Team 254, “The Cheesy Poofs,” claimed victory in the World Championships of Robotics this past weekend. Thirty-six team members participated in the tournament, which was held April 26 through 29 at the Edward Jones Dome at St. Louis, Missouri.

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  • Team 254 Wins 10th Consecutive SVR Tournament

    Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs

    Team 254, “The Cheesy Poofs,” claimed victory in the FIRST Silicon Valley Regional Tournament, held March 31 through April 1 at the San Jose State University Event Center. The win marks the 10th consecutive victory at this event for Team 254, who joined with alliance partners Team 604: Quixilver from Leland High School, and Team 4990: Gryphon Robotics from Crystal Springs Upland School.

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