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Bellarmine's Student-Operated Radio Station

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Check out our website: www.bcp.org/kbcp
Call us in the Studio: (408) 537-9482 


Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce high school students to the world of broadcast media - a thriving medium. Students work at their own comfort-level, whether it be broadcasting live at a sports game or working at the production level. 

Commercial Free

KBCP is under a Low Power, Non-Commercial, Education License. This means you can listen to our radio station without the annoying ads in between your favorite songs. 


KBCP Broadcasts

Thu Jan29

KBCP Hammertime

7:30 AM
Fri Jan30

KBCP The Way Too Early Show

7:30 AM
Mon Feb02

KBCP Monday Morning Show

7:30 AM
Tue Feb03

KBCP Tuesday Morning Show

7:30 AM
Wed Feb04

KBCP The Way Too Early Show

8:05 AM
Thu Feb05

KBCP Hammertime

7:30 AM
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