Executive Board

  • Sarah Westfall - President

    The President manages all activities of the Mothers' Guild, including appointing all board members, conducting regularly scheduled meetings and leading the organization.
    Contact: Sarah Westfall

  • Kim Carey - President-Elect

    The President-Elect assists the President, provides a monthly inspirational message and develops the Board for the following year when she will be President.
    Contact Kim Carey

  • Molly Fezell - Fashion Show Chair

    The Fashion Show Chair manages the production of the Mothers' Guild's only and largest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds go to Bellarmine's Financial Aid Fund.
    Contact: Molly Fezell

  • Jill Dallas- Fashion Show Chair-Elect

    The Fashion Chair elect shadows the current Fashion Show Chair and co-chairs.
    Contact: Jill Dallas

  • Hema Pandit - Operations Vice President

    The Operations Vice President oversees all Board positions pertinent to the administrative infrastructure of the Bellarmine Mothers' Guild.
    Contact: Hema Pandit

  • Julie Micallef - Events Vice President

    The Events Vice President oversees all BMG Board positions that plan social events within the BCP community.
    Contact: Julie Micallef

  • Kathy Folan - Spiritual Life Vice President

    The Spiritual Life Vice President oversees all Board positions which promote spiritual education and practices within Bellarmine Mothers' Guild and the Bellarmine community.
    Contact: Kathy Folan

  • Lea Gottlieb - Treasurer

    The Treasurer manages all Mother Guild finances.
    Contact: Lea Gottlieb