Student Accident Insurance

Bellarmine provides accident coverage for all enrolled students. Premiums for the insurance are paid for by the School.

This is a supplementary insurance and covers those expenses not covered by the student’s primary medical insurance to a maximum of $25,000.The coverage applies to all School sponsored and supervised activities.

How to Place a Claim

At the time an accident occurs, a Notification of Injury form is completed by the School Trainer or Infirmarian and submitted to the Bellarmine Human Resources Manager. If the parent would like to place a claim, he/she should contact the Human Resources Manager.

The Human Resources Manager will copy the form and send it to the parents.The parents will complete the bottom half of the form and submit it, along with the required documentation, directly to the insurance company.

If you have additional questions, please contact Rochelle Cendana in Bellarmine Human Resources.

Human Resources Contact

Rochelle Cendana