Josh Bringuel '16 Wins College Impact Award for Community Service

Posted: October 3, 2018

When Josh Bringuel '16 graduated Bellarmine to play football for San Diego State University, he had every intention of going out to "set the world on fire" and continue the positive lessons he learned here as a student. What he didn't know was that he would continue building houses in Tijuana, Mexico just like he did during spring break here at Bellarmine - and inspiring others to join him.

This past July, Josh was awarded the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Catalyst Award which is given to a student-athlete who takes initiative to make a change, who gets involved with and starts initiatives to do good in their community and in the world around them. This is one of several awards that form the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Awards that were established to acknowledge college athletes that were doing a lot of positive things in the community.

Josh is a redshirt sophomore linebacker at San Diego State University, and has gotten very involved with his community in San Diego. He coaches children between 4th and 8th grade with two of his teammates for the NFL Flag San Diego program; participates in the ‘Shop with a Jock’ program, which enables him to take underprivileged children shopping during the Christmas season; and he also provides tours for high school students via the AVID program and speaks to local youth at elementary and middle schools.

But what really caught the attention of the Athlete Crush College Impact Awards team was Josh's work with AMOR Ministries while at SDSU. He was inspired by his time as a student at Bellarmine, when he went on multiple immersion trips to Tijuana, Mexico, to help build homes for families in poverty. Josh brought that initiative to SDSU and organized the first AMOR immersion trip through the athletic department this year. Josh recruited five other student-athletes to help build a home for a five-person family, including a 2-year old child, in just three days. As a result of the efforts of these student-athletes, the SDSU Athletic Department has formed a relationship with AMOR and is looking to make this an annual project.

As Josh told the College Impact Awards, “When you have the ability to help and there is a need, you have an obligation to find a way to help.” Congratulations to Josh on his well-deserved Catalyst Award and for demonstrating how to be a "man for and with others."

Read more about the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Awards on their website.

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