Debaters Compete in Student Congress Event

Posted: October 12, 2015

Five Bells were recognized for their performances at the Student Congress event held at Palo Alto High School on October 7. Bellarmine sent a contingent of 10 students to the competition.

In Student Congress, or Congressional Debate as it is often referred, students take on roles of Senators or Representatives, taking turns in discussing "bills" or "resolutions" (proposed laws and policies) using parliamentary procedure. Each competitor is placed in a “House” where they formally deliberate bills on a variety of topics. At the end of multiple “sessions” students are ranked as overall speakers in their individual houses.

Sessions are presided over by a student known as the Presiding Officer (PO), who calls on the speakers and conducts a vote on each bill after it has been discussed. Notes and prepared materials are allowed in delivering speeches. Debate alternates from affirmative to negative, but individual speakers should support only one side of the issue.

1st Place (in their respective Houses) Adam Brown
Max Camposano
Yash Vanvari
Best Presiding Officers SriRaam Mehtalia
William Pramono

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