Winter Warmth Drive Thank You

Posted: December 6, 2018

Thanks for your generous and extended support of this year’s Winter Warmth Drive: Be a ColdBuster! Last week, we filled HomeFirst’s truck with over 700 blankets and throws for their Cold Weather Shelter Program. Later in the week, we delivered a truck load of warm clothing to Sacred Heart Community Service (see attached pic of Joey Sciammas unloading the donations).

With your help, we filled the big truck with big bags of new socks, coats, and other warm clothing! And, we surpassed our goal of collecting 600 blankets for the cold weather shelter beds! Here are the Drive totals (see attached collage):

· 700 blankets

· $2060 for HomeFirst to purchase 220 blankets

· 75 sleeping bags

· 2081 pairs of new socks

· 100 hygiene kits

This year’s tremendous turnout reflects the amazing generosity of the Bellarmine community. Individuals and groups around campus supported the Drive in so many ways, from printing posters, promoting the Drive, propelling communications, discussing poverty and homelessness with students, lending us storage space, and so much more. This campus-wide support is what made the Drive a success!

We thank all of you for your support. Special thanks to our wonderful AV, Joey Sciammas, for his excellent oversight of the Drive storage, sorting, and delivery. We'd also like to offer big thanks to the following groups who made special efforts:

· The classroom teachers and homeroom moderators who held mini-drives and competitions and fanned student generosity

· The Football and Cross Country teams

· The Big Brothers Program for the Sock Drive that brought in over 2080 pairs of new socks and lots of underwear and beanies

· The Bellarmine Mother’s Guild for promotions & daily help with collections

· The Dad’s Club for loads of donations from their Suds for Duds event

· The AGAPE club for making the Drive poster and ColdBusters video

· The “For Others” club for putting together 100 hygiene kits

· The Jesuits—ongoing role models in generosity

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