Drew Descourouez '15 Shares El Salvador Experiences

Posted: February 2, 2018

Drew Descourouez '15 participated in Santa Clara University's Casa de la Solidaridad program this past Fall. For four months -- from mid-August to mid-December -- Drew lived an immersion program that is rooted in four pillars: sustained accompaniment of the poor, academic reflection, community support and spirituality. The program draws inspiration from the lives of the six Jesuit martyrs and their companions at the University of Central America in San Salvador, El Salvador, where the program is based.

Drew shared stories of his time in El Salvador with students and parents at our annual Solidarity Dinner, and with one sentence, "Solidarity isn't about charity; it's about clarity," netted out the life-changing experience in a way that everyone could understand.

Bellarmine's Solidarity Dinner celebrates Bellarmine's immersion programs, supports the long-standing connection with our sister community of Agua Escondida in El Salvador, and strengthens the spirit of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Central America.

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