August 2017

Posted: August 24, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another school year for those of you with a son returning, and welcome for the first time to those of you new to Bellarmine! Each month, I will send you a newsletter updating you about what is going on here at school, with a particular eye towards how I see our mission as a Catholic, Jesuit school being realized.

There is a palpable buzz walking around campus today. Yes, some of the students before school looked like they hadn’t been up this early all summer long, but by lunchtime, there was a great energy as students re-connected with old friends, or met someone new. We started off the morning with the Mass of the Holy Spirit, where we ask for God’s blessing on all of our endeavors over the course of the year. Fr. Shinney, S.J., was our celebrant this morning, with 6 of his Jesuit brothers concelebrating with him. I felt very fortunate to be able to offer the Gospel reflection, which I have attached here.

As you will see, I took this opportunity not just to reflect on the readings we used this morning, but also to introduce this year’s Summit on Human Dignity, which is Understanding Race in the 21st Century. As I acknowledged to your sons, race can be a challenging topic to discuss, but as events in our world have made apparent in the past couple of weeks, it’s also tremendously relevant and important. We hope to encourage your sons this year to think big if they are so led, but more immediately to consider how they can influence the circles in which they walk.

As a faculty and staff, we have been preparing for this summit for over a year, and I’m confident that we will have good conversations with your son. One of our greatest hopes is to be able to partner with you in this regard. These are complicated issues; we’ll work to get the conversation started, and we hope that you’ll be able to continue it at home. That’s part of why I’m sharing my Gospel reflection with you today – so that you will know what your son heard, and will be able to talk with him more about it.

We have been working hard all summer to get everything ready for today. The campus looks great, the students look sharp in their dress up clothes, and I know that remarkable things will happen in your son’s life this year. Thank you for continuing to partner with us, and I hope to see you on campus soon. Please join us in praying for God’s blessing on this school year.


Chris Meyercord

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    Dear Parents,

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