CA Math League Competition Results

Posted: December 2, 2016

Each year, Bellarmine students have the opportunity to participate in California Math League (CAML) competitions, a series of six math contests designed to promote the enjoyment and study of mathematics. The high school competitions include six problems, with each correct answer earning one point. To date, with two tests completed, Bellarmine's cumulative leader is senior Kevin Chang, who has successfully earned a perfect score of six in each test.

Cumulative Results

Kevin Chang '17 1st
Phillip Si '18 2nd
Jeffrey Ma '18 tied for 3rd
Kevin Oh '19 tied for 3rd
Eric Wang' 17 tied for 3rd
Nathan Chan '17 tied for 6th
Jared Frank '18 tied for 6th
Abhinav Arya '18 tied for 8th
Josh Holden '18 tied for 8th
Arvind Sridhar '17 tied for 8th
Simon Trinh '17 tied for 8th
Kenneth Tan '19 tied for 8th
Lewis Zhang '19 tied for 8th

Round One Results (October 25, 2016)

A perfect six was achieved by Kevin Chang and Phillip Si. The following students recorded a score of five: Abhinav Arya, Varun Gnanasekaran, Jeffry May, Moose Naguib, Kevin Oh, Pravin Ravishanker, Arvind Sridhar, Simon Trinh, Eric Wang and Akash Vemalapelli.

Round Two Results (November 15, 2016)

A perfect six was achieved by Kevin Chang, with fives earned by Nathan Chan, Jared Frank, Jeffrey Ma, Kevin Oh, Mario Ruiz, Phillip Si, Eric Wang and Lewis Zhang.

The next CAML competition is on Tuesday, December 13. All students are welcome to participate.

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