Join the Dads' Club Board of Directors

Posted: March 21, 2019

Founded over 78 years ago, the Dads' Club exists to help Bellarmine in its mission to develop our sons into “Men For and With Others.” Specifically, the Bellarmine Dads' Club is a service organization that was formed for the purpose of:

  • Organizing and supporting specific events to further the development of Bellarmine College Preparatory and family/son rapport
  • Assisting the President, Vice President, and other administrators in accomplishing designated objectives
  • Promoting increased awareness of the Christian community at Bellarmine

The Dads' Club Board leads or participates in one or two events per month. As a member of the Dads' Club Board, you will be asked to be active in several of the events each year. We expect that you will eventually chair one or more committees during your tenure. In addition, your attendance at Dads' Club Board meetings is required. While we recognize there may be personal and professional schedule conflicts that occur during the year, these should be rare. Please consider the time you have to participate prior to sending in your application.

This year we have a number of open positions on the board. We encourage you to reach out to other members of the board if you have questions. You can find a list of current board members by following this link.

The application form can be downloaded here .

If you would like to apply for one of the board positions, please fill out the attached application and email to Josh Brouillette at before 11:59 PM May 19, 2019.