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Most calendar software supports iCal Feeds. Subscribing will import the feed into your calendar program, and updates will be pushed to you. To subscribe using Google Calendar, click the "Add to Google" button.

If your program supports iCalendar feeds, but not subscriptions, you can download a copy of the current calendar data and import it into that program.

Certain calendar programs require the calendar URL to be pasted in to initiate a subscription.  You may use the Copy Link URL for this purpose.

Help using iCal Feeds

iCal Subscriptions

To create an iCalendar feed for the category/ies you wish to display, simply:

  1. select the categories from the list on the right
  2. click the “Update” button below the list on the right.
  3. click the Subscribe, Download or Add to Google button below.

Data Preview

Fri Jun23

Tanzania Immersion

Sat Jun24

Tanzania Immersion

Sun Jun25

Tanzania Immersion

Mon Jun26

Tanzania Immersion

Tue Jun27

Tanzania Immersion

Wed Jun28

Tanzania Immersion

World Union of Jesuit Alumni

Location: John Carroll University, in Cleveland, Ohio

Visit this link

Thru: Sat.July18:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Mon Jul3

Summer Programs Holiday

Tue Jul4

Summer Programs Holiday

Thu Jul6

Philippines Cultural, Service & Solidarity Immersion

Team Calendars

To create an iCal feed for the calendar(s) you'd like to subscribe to, simply select the categories from the list below and then click the Subscribe, Download or Add to Google button below the list.

Help using iCal Feeds


Select a team (or multiple teams) to generate a feed

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Help using iCal Feeds