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Varsity Baseball

Season Record: 16-15

Home games are in bold

Date Opponent   Dismissal Start Return Info
2/12 Willow Glen High School (Scrimmage) Away 1:30pm 3:15pm      
2/18 Elk Grove High School (Scrimmage) Home   10:00am      
2/23 Huntington Beach HS (Tournament) Away   10:00am   1-3 L
2/23 Huntington Beach HS (Tournament) Away   1:00pm   3-4 L
3/1 Oak Ridge (Sacramento) McAuliffe Baseball Complex (Sacramento) 12:30pm 6:00pm   5-1 W
3/2 Jesuit High School Away   12:00pm     Canc.
3/9 St. Mary's High School (Stockton) Home   11:00am   3-9 L
3/12 St. Francis Home   4:00pm   9-1 W
3/15 St. Ignatius Fairmont Field   4:00pm   2-1 W
3/16 Archbishop Mitty Away   12:00pm   4-5 L
3/19 Valley Christian Home   4:00pm   0-2 L
3/21 Archbishop Riordan Home   4:00pm   9-0 W
3/26 Sacred Heart Cathedral University of San Francisco 1:00pm 3:30pm   7-2 W
3/29 Junipero Serra Home   4:00pm   2-4 L
4/2 St. Francis Away 2:10pm 4:00pm   3-6 L
4/5 St. Ignatius Home   4:00pm   12-1 W
4/6 Archbishop Mitty Home   12:00pm   9-8 W (OT)
4/9 Valley Christian Away 1:45pm 4:00pm   0-7 L
4/12 Archbishop Riordan Away 12:45pm 4:00pm   4-3 W
4/15 Boras Classic (vs. Cardinal Newman) (Tournament) McAuliffe Baseball Complex (Sacramento) 12:10pm 4:00pm   7-0 W
4/16 Boras Classic (vs Junipero Serra) (Tournament) St. Mary's HS (Stockton) 1:00pm 4:00pm   4-3 W
4/17 Boras Classic (vs Granite Bay HS) (Tournament) McAuliffe Baseball Complex (Sacramento)   7:00pm   3-2 W
4/18 Boras Classic (vs. Archbishop Mitty) (Tournament) McAuliffe Baseball Complex (Sacramento) 8:00am 7:00pm   0-2 L
4/20 Alumni Game Home   11:00am   0-9 L
4/23 Cunningham Easter Classic (vs. Mountain View) (Tournament) Home   2:00pm   1-3 L
4/24 Cunningham Easter Classic (vs. Homestead) (Tournament) Home   4:00pm   8-3 W
4/25 Cunningham Easter Classic (vs. St. Ignatius) (Tournament) Home   2:00pm   1-7 L
4/30 Sacred Heart Cathedral Home   4:00pm   1-0 W
5/2 Leigh High School Home   4:00pm   5-0 W
5/3 Junipero Serra Away   4:00pm   2-3 L (OT)
5/7 WCAL Playoffs Round 1 (vs. St. Francis) (Playoff) St. Francis 2:00pm 4:00pm   2-10 L
5/15 CCS Round 1 (vs. Oak Grove HS) (Playoff) Home   4:00pm   9-3 W
5/20 CCS Quarter Final (vs. Piedmont Hills) (Playoff) Home   4:00pm   12-0 W
5/23 CCS Semi Final (vs. Mountain View) (Playoff) San Jose Giants Stadium   8:00pm   0-2 L

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