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  • MacKenzie Pridham '09 Partners with Oh M3GA Fish Club

    Posted July 9, 2014

    The Oh M3GA Fish Club is a collective effort to supply northern California with the highest quality Alaskan Salmon available. Our team consists of one Alaskan commercial fisherman, one tender, and one delivery man. We are starting a ‘Fish Club’ that provides actual video footage of your fish being caught, filleted, and flown to your home. The fish that is ordered through our Club will be less than 24 hours out of the water before entering your door and you will know exactly WHO caught your fish, as well as HOW it was handled throughout the process. The Oh M3GA Fish Club aims to create a social network of salmon (and omega-3 enthusiasts of course) who want to know where their fish actually comes from and have a chance to eat what Alaskans claim as the best salmon in the world.

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  • Thirty CCS Championship in a Row

    Posted May 21, 2014

    It went to the final event but the Bells prevailed on May 17 at the Santa Clara International Swim Club to win the CCS swim championship for 30th time in a row and the 32nd time in 33 years. The members of the team wore yellow shirts with 30 Straight and Go Bells on the back and as has always been the case the win was a team effort. During this long span of time the formula for the Bells has always been the same: some top notch swimmers and depth, lots of depth.

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  • Nicholas Tuttle '07 creates Swings for Dreams

    Posted May 9, 2014

    Nicholas Tuttle '07 and his partner Michael Aguas have taken the "Men for Others" motto and lived it to the fullest by starting a non-profit organization called Swings For Dreams. The goal of Swings for Dreams runs much deeper than just creating safe play spaces. Not only will Swings for dreams be constructing fun play opportunities for children, but it will also directly impact and shape their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Safe play is essential for early childhood learning the cultivation of interpersonal skills, and the development of one’s healthy personal growth. This summer Nicholas and Michael will be returning to South Africa to build another playscape for the Lettie de Klerk Primary School in Nieu-Bethesda.

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