Religious Studies

Bellarmine College Preparatory requires students to complete six semesters of religious studies in order to graduate. Rooted in the mission of Catholic education, religious studies courses at Bellarmine are directed toward formation of the human person in light of one’s ultimate destiny, authentic moral values, and the common good of society. A fundamental goal of the religious studies curriculum is for students to develop a faith which seeks understanding. Students increase their knowledge of the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church by examining theological issues in a sequence of courses which are centered on sacred scripture, the life and teaching of Jesus, ethics and justice, and Christian spirituality. Finally, inspired by the gift of the Ignatian spiritual charism which animates Jesuit education, it is the desire and intention of the faculty that students assume personal responsibility for understanding and critically appropriating their own faith tradition in a way that leads to committed action for the sake of the good of others and the greater glory of God.

Course Name
UC / CSU Approved?
Hebrew Scriptures Semester Yes

Course Description: The religious studies course during the fall semester of freshman year introduces students to the central stories, characters, and themes of the Hebrew Scriptures. Students will study the development of the Bible, literary forms in Scripture, and critical reading and contextual interpretation of biblical texts. The fundamental perspective of the course is that the Bible is the revealed Word of God written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit—God’s living word which speaks to us today of God’s faithful love in our lives. In accord with Ignatian spirituality, this course will incorporate prayer and reflection on Scripture so that students may grow in spiritual maturity and better praise and serve God and others in their lives.

Comments: Required course.

Christian Scriptures Semester Yes

Course Description:This course is an introductory study of the Christian Scriptures covering the New Testament literature, the life and ministry of Jesus, characters in the early Christian Church, and essential Jewish/Christian concepts. Students will study basic methods of reading and various ways of interpreting the biblical text, with emphasis on the contextual interpretation of scripture. Students will learn to read “across” the scriptures for a complex and complementary understanding of Jesus, his followers, and the Christian communities of faith. Special topics will include various theological understandings of Jesus, spiritual development, the scriptural basis of the sacraments, the role of women among Jesus’ disciples, and issues related to interfaith dialogue. In the Ignatian tradition, this course emphasizes the use of scripture for spiritual development and methods of prayer in Catholic spirituality.

Comments: Required course.