Computer Science

The purpose of the Computer Science Department at Bellarmine is to provide all students with the tools they will need to succeed at Bellarmine, in college, and in life after college.

Computer Science courses are offered as electives. Because of that, courses are selected with the purpose of providing students with a variety of areas of interest to explore, ranging from programming to web design to software applications. Although we strive to develop young men who are competent in these disciplines, our larger goal is to help students to become discerning, compassionate learners of these new technologies who will use their abilities to help make themselves and their surrounding communities more aware, loving, and just members of the global community.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Bellarmine currently offers one AP course in the Computer Science department - Computer Science A AP.  Interested students must complete the Informed Enrollment process, i.e., solicit feedback from their current teacher, parents and counselor, and secure counselor approval, prior to enrollment. For students who have completed Computer Science A AP, we offer Advanced Computer Science: Data Structures as a replacement for the former Computer Science AB AP course, which was discontinued by the College Board in 2009. Advanced Computer Science is UC/CSU approved in the college prep elective (g) area.

Course Name
UC / CSU Approved?
Exploring Computer Science Semester


Course Description: Computer engineers create the objects that have become such an integral part of life today. Students will dive into the worlds of computer science and engineering in this course, using the engineering process to create solutions to problems, and using computer science to support the engineering process. They will practice designing, building, testing and evaluating their solutions through hands-on collaborative laboratories.

Comments: Freshman elective.

Introduction to Computer Programming


Course Description: This course is an introduction to computer science and computer programming. Students will start with a visual programming environment to learn the basic concepts of programming. They then reinforce these concepts as they transition to a more traditional programming language such as Python. Programming assignments will emphasize interactive programs and games. The following programming topics will be covered: flow of control, variables, parameters, conditional expressions, loops, and functions.

Comments: Sophomore/junior/senior elective.

Computer Science A AP Year Yes

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite for the course; however, completion of Exploring Computer Science & Engineering or Introduction to Computer Programming is recommended.

Course Description: This course is an introduction to programming using the Java programming language. Topics include introduction to computers and programming, control structures, functions, recursion and iteration, arrays, data structures, abstraction and classes. All students will be required to take the AP Computer Science exam.

Comments: Sophomore/junior/senior elective. Informed Enrollment. Although the course will prepare students to take the AP exam, they are not required to take the exam.

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