College Admission Officers


Our relationship with colleges and universities throughout the world is very important to us and we hope you find the information here helpful in your work.

Scheduling a visit to Bellarmine
  • We host over 150 college admission officers per year.
  • We encourage our visitors to bring their laptops and show their campuses and options by connecting with a large monitor in the college center.
  • Appointments may be made -

   Before school (7:30 am)
   Monday - Friday
At lunch (12:15 pm)
Monday - Thursday
After school (2:45 pm)
Monday - Thursday

     Our students do show up for these meetings, have no fear!

     One of the five college counselors will sit in on every college presentation.

  • To schedule a college admission officer visit for the fall, please contact Cindy Dunn at or 408-537-9290..

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact one of us.

College Counselors

Katy Murphy
Director of College Counseling
(408) 537-9255

Mary Connolly
College Counselor
(408) 537-9278

Jack Doyle
College Counselor
(408) 537-9216

Chris Fleitas
College Counselor
(408) 537-9238

Ed Schoenberg
College Counselor
(408) 537-9282